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Is there a Wright reunion this year?? I haven�t been in several years. I was OE division 67-decommissioning.
Posted By: Tim Kent | email: timdkent@midplains.coop06/09/18

looking for larry cutler and others 1950 -1953
Posted By: David Robertson | email: davidrobertson1930@gmail.com05/24/18

I was oil King/BT2 on the Ernest G. Small DDR 838. We spent 26 days monitoring objects for radioactivity and sinking them, this was after everyone had left the area I never visually seen the results from my film badge.
Posted By: Kent D. Lee | email: ferness_@outlook.com05/22/20

Does anyone know if there will be a reunion 2018??
Posted By: Charles Sammis | email: charlsamm@aol.com05/03/18

My father Robert Conrad Simoneau, Petty Officer 3rd Class passed away March 8th, 2018 due to complications from a stroke and dimentia As his son, I'm reaching out to anyone who served aboard the USS Wright CVL-49 during 1951-1955 and may have known him. He was a cook and in my experience in the Army, the cook is your best friend if you know what I mean!! You can reach me via email or call me at 603-396-0764. Thank you so very much!! P.S> He will be buried at the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery in Boscowen, NH on May 16, 2018 @ 11:30am. Thank you!!
Posted By: Shawn Simoneau | email: ssimoneau68@gmail.com04/25/20

Charlie Isaakson I remember Boatwain Stabile. I was aboard 1969/70, Played the card game with The 1st class Krell during lunch.Swabbed the Helo Hanger and chipped alot of paint prior to decommision.after that I was tranferred to the De1075 USS Trippe got out end of 1972 afterdoing a West Pac/Vietnam.Talk about being a historian.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbgeorgej@comcast.net04/18/18

Came aboard spring 68 mess decks ney awards Pontier was master at arms.Captain Romanick had made Buddy Springs a instant seaman due to his karate skills killing flies. Remember buffing the green linoleum passageways outside OPCON.Morning quarters on the A deck with that aroma of stack gas.Stabile was my boatswain who taught me the ropes.Ens.Fitzgerald was a good example of a working day I am made special assistant to the first lieutenant and proceed to decommission the ship.My job consisted of rubbing a wooden fid on any paint that was on the hatch seals.I had gone to the philly reunion and the guys who got themselves elected said that since I was one of the youngest I would be the ships historian.At age 68 I might finally have the actual time.Stay Healthy Guys.
Posted By: Charles Isaakssen | email: luciushughb141877@gmail.com4/08/18

The copy mentioned below is gone already.
Posted By: Neil Engelmann | email: nfevtnh@msn.com03/15/18

I have a copy of the Command Post Deactivation from Feb 1970. If interested send address
Posted By: Neil Engelmann | email: nfevtnh@msn.com03/04/18

My father Frank Peter Drewniak served in the navy from 46 to 54 he served on use wright and use siiboney and uss Saipan. He was a sub hunter. Would like to hear from anybody that knew him on these ships. As I write this my father is in respite bringing one journey to an end and ready to begin his next. He loved the navy and told me that the navy layed the ground work for the rest of his life. After the navy he went back to high school ( at 25 ) and went on to college, became an electrical engineer and had a great career with General Electric in the armament division.
Posted By: Karl Drewniak | email: Shedman45@yahoo03/02/18

Any one from OA Division. I was there from April 68 to May 70
Posted By: Neil Engelmann | email: nfevtnh@msn.com02282018

Looking for any member of the Marine detachment on the Wright in 1965 Freeman, Brown, Gibson, Poole. Call me 708-799-2014 Coley
Posted By: Ulysee Coley | email: ucoley3@gmail.com011/2018

Looking for any Pre Commisioning Crew from her That was stationed at Bremerton , Any Original Deck gang sailors Please Email me at > with your Name < in the Subject line ( Including USS Wright ) Glenn Davis ( Bmsn )
Posted By: Glenn " Hutch " Davis | email: antiqueauctioneer@gmail.com12/14/17

Still looking for any guys that were in R-Div. 1965_68 ... Damage Control, ship fitters pipe-gang
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero46@gmail.com11/26/20

Served on the Wright1966-67. OA Division. Made E-3 and transferred to B-School . Remember Christmas in Miami, Bermuda, and Rio. Can’t forget Shellback crossing the equator.
Posted By: Greg McGaha | email: gregmcgaha1703@comcast.net11/13/17

I know what you mean, I look on this site everyday.
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net11/13/17

Has our organization died? There have not been any kind of communications in a long time. It is a shame what has taken place over the past two years. In the mean time, I think of the old friends often.
Posted By: Jerry Childers | email: jchild3400@bellsouth.net11/12/17

to all this years reunion has been cancelled
Posted By: jack berry | email: n/a09-14-17

Is anyone on board 63-64 planning to attend this years reunion? would like to see old friends berry oa OA divison
Posted By: johm berry jr | email: none7-25-17

My father, James Thomas Robison (Robbie) was a crewman on the USS WRIGHT in WWll. He was a gunners mate--petty officer 2nd class. He passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 95. He had fond memories of his time on board ship and shared them with us often.
Posted By: Linda Croyt | email: croytfam@verizon.net05/30/17

James - deceased July 1, 2014. Please remove from your mailing list. Thank You. Submitted by his wife Carol.
Posted By: James McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net05/26/17

I seeking information on James Thomas Robison, he served on the USS Wright AV-1 as a gunners mate. Does anybody remember serving with him?
Posted By: Richard Croyt | email: croytfam@verizon.net05/22/17

Please provide me with the information on the reunion.
Posted By: Lynn Gallagher | email: Leg66@aol.com05/15/17

Hello Charlie Webb! We were in ON division. You taught me how to mop the compartment while waiting for my security clearance. I currently live in Sarasota. Frank.hearon@gmail
Posted By: Frank Hearon | email: Frank.hearon@gmail.com04/18/17

There's is a Facebook listing "USS Wright CC-2 sailors" where you can post photos and connect with shipmates.CVL-49 shipmates could also use this.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbgeorgej@comcast.net4/09/17

There will be a 2017 USS Wright Reunion in Pensacola,FL in September. A newsletter will be coming out with all the necessary information.
Posted By: Steve Donnelly | email: scdonnelly@aol.com03/19/17

Does anyone know if there is a reunion in 2017 and where it will be held?
Posted By: Charlie Sammis | email: charlsamm@aol.com03/15/17

Served in US Marine Detachment aboard Wright 64 to 66 looking for JAMES Freeman JR, William Gibson JR, OR Donald BROWN, THEY WERE ALL FROM CT. ANYONE WITH ANY INFO PLEASE EMAIL ME.
Posted By: Ulysee Coley | email: ucoley3@gmail.com03/05/17

I see a shipmate who was a DP named Charles Webb. No relation. Served aboard together but never met. Captain Thornhill was the CO. I was in Third Division A lot of the ship was off limits to us. I see DP is a obsolete rating. Everything changes.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbeorgej@comcast.net2/27/17

Arthur J. Stephens RD3 OI Division was buried at Fort Jackson SC on 03/22/2017. B. Howard RD2 OI Division
Posted By: bernard howard | email: beh108@earthlink.net02/26/17

My name is Don Schreiber. I was a radioman and with the original crew. E-mail ph no 586 945 0296
Posted By: Donald Schreiber | email: donaldschreiber21@yahoo.com02/19/17

Hey I am searching to see if anyone here knows these people from the softball team DELBERT PERMANSU , BOB TOWNSLEY , BILLY JOE BESS ,TONY SIMPSON , JIM HOOKER , TARON LEAKE , ROBERT BARRY , JERRY GLEN ,BOB NAPPER, GENE TRAMELL , BILL GRAUSE , DELBERT PERMANSU , VER GRACE , If anyone knows them please contact me Clinton Ryan number is cell answer 24/7 at 616-443-5012 or my house phone number at 616-531-6391 thanks hope to hear from someone soon.
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com02/09/17

Still doing research on the Vietnam Service Medal Could it had replaced a Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal? Someone on a earlier crew would know.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbeorgej@comcast.net02/10/20

George webb please email me at or call me at 616 443 5012 like to see what you have found out about the medal ?
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com01/31/17

Asking once again anyone out there remembers the USS WRIGHT softball team ? Anyone has info on them winning the admirals cup trophy ? Please contact me at my cell : 616 443 5012 or my home number at 616 531 6391 ask for clint. Thanks
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com01/31/17

I remembered her name It was Jean Dixon
Posted By: Glenn ( Hutch ) Davis | email: antiqueauctioneer@gmail.com01/31/17

Any Shipmates Remember Trip from West Coast via Pamama & Pulling into N.Y. = We were Told that a Woman ( Psychic ) Predicted we would Sink coming in to The Harbor ? > WE Did have a LEAK at the Bow inside the Chain Locker Us ( at that Time ) Teenagers /// wondered if she was Right ... BMSN
Posted By: Glenn ( Hutch ) Davis | email: antiqueauctioneer@gmail.com01/29/17

Shipmate James T Hayden pass Jan 27 2017. Served aboard CVL 49 1949-1953. Rest in peace Jimmy.
Posted By: Larry Cuttler | email: larry10708@gmail.com01/26/17

I see a Viet Nam service award /medal for the Wright on Nav Source on line. Does anyone have any knowledge about it?
Posted By: george webb | email: webbeorgej@comcast.net2/25/17

Greetings to all USS Wright veterans, and thank you for your service. Here's a piece of Wright trivia for you. My mother, Lucille Weeks was a purchasing agent at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard when the Wright was converted to CC-2. Among the things she purchased for this conversion were the furnishings and decorations for the Presidential living quarters. All the items she acquired for this purpose had to be reviewed and signed off by Jacque Kennedy herself. It was one of the best experiences my Mom had in her many years as a "yard bird".
Posted By: Tom Weeks | email: tom.weeks1@comcast.net01/23/17

My name: Charles Webb and served on the Wright CC-2 1967 - 1969 as a DP3 "N" Div.(?) Have looked for and just found the web-site! Have material saved from my time serving including Citation Ceremonies, Dependents Cruise June '67, Command chgs for Capt. Romanick - Capt Thornhill, Citation Ceremonies, Command Post-8/67 Have great memories visiting various ports- Ft Lauderdale, Rio, Boston, New York, Maine..etc Any other DPs or N Div sailors out there?
Posted By: charles webb | email: webbwichita@sbcglobal.net01/20/17

WOW. I didn't know this was here. I served on the USS Wright CC-2 Sept 1963 to Aug 1966 as an ABF/SN. Fueling/defueling, launching and landing and standing watch/guard over ships Helicopter as well as The Drone for transmitting and receiving. Really pissed off when JFK got shot right when we were to pull into Acapulco. Went threw Panama Canal, Balboa/Calone, to Norfolk, VA. Looking for Chuck Bassford from Lakeland FLA., Kenny J. Soneson from Casper Wy., Lewis S. Alban from Accokeek Md.
Posted By: Gerald (Jerry) Schutz | email: jerryschutz@att.net01-18-17

Posted By: Pharmb316 Pharmb316 | email: johnb868@aol.comittorutt

Posted By: Pharmk107 Pharmk107 | email: johnk856@aol.comotppppri

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Posted By: Pharmg137 Pharmg137 | email: johng868@aol.comtwweutrt

It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Im glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. dfgacdcekcgb
Posted By: Johng791 Johng791 | email: johng226@gmail.comeowprywi

I was aboard from 63-68,looking any BT, I was in #3 fireroom.
Posted By: David Earl | email: dcearl2@yahoo.com11/24/16

Just found this site while searching for a hat with CC2. Served on the Wright from 63 (WA) to 65 (VA). Spent most of my time in the teletype room.
Posted By: Christopher Wynings | email: cxwynings@gmail.com11/11/20

I was checking out the awards page for the Wright. I see one for Vietnam Service Medal (1 star)Can not find any references for it. Anyone have any info about it. I served on board 1969/1970.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbgeorgej@comcast.net10/27/16

You boys woke up a old timer served on the USS Wright CVL 49 from Jan.48 July 52 I will be 86 years old Nov.1.Was serving on board when the Helicopter accident happened. Maybe this will get a reply from the older shipmates. Was in the M Div.
Posted By: Willam Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com10/22/16

Still looking for ship mates from R Div. 64-67 Ski SF2 are you out there ?
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero46@gmail.com10/20/16

Your right George, not much activity, to bad. I look everyday to see if someone post something and look for old shipmates.
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net10/20/16

Hello. It seems like the USS Wright Asso. is dead in the water!
Posted By: george webb | email: webbgeorgej@comcast.net10/15/16

Looking for someone with last name Webb(aka:Spider) who may have been stationed in Newport, RI aboard the the USS Wright during 1947.
Posted By: Elaine Truchanowicz | email: elainet11@cox.netl 09/08/16

Anyone Have a Link to the" OUTBREAK " of > Spinal Meningitis < in LATE June 1962 when they Changed us all around From & to Different Companies while Training got longer due to Suicides of Trainees at NTC San Diego. Please Email me at Glenn ( HUTCH ) Davis
Posted By: Glenn ( HUTCH ) Davis | email: antiqueauctioneer@gmail.com08/11/16

Was BMSN in 2 div on board as Plank owner Crew Remember J.F.K. & all the Tears for Him Upon his death in Seattle = The Day The Earth Stood Still has been Forever...The Guys were Willie Horne - Doug Konesky- Skaggs - Kohler >( Remember Our Fight )- and all The Granby Street Bar hoppers +++ all nites at HARRY's White Horse + Becky's Bar & Grill in Portsmouth = Night's Gone Bye, but not forgotten.. Any of you Guys gotten > Meso or Cancer < from the Asbestos on her or the Northampton CC-1 Let Me know Glenn ( HUTCH ) Davis
Posted By: Glenn Davis | email: antiqueauctioneer@gmail.com07/27/16

anyone have command post from April thru July aug and sept. of 1964 please let me know here is my cell number 616 446 5012 like to see if I could copy them
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: silverteeth83@yahoo.com07/11/16

George, Got a response from another sailor that made the trip also. Halifax, Newport, R.I. NYC, Phil., Va., Fla., Bermuda and then back to home port. Free ride with booze, girls, and all the mess hall food you could eat. What a life! Bill
Posted By: Bill Wright | email: willowbend01@gmail.com060916

I remember the trip to Nova Scotia. We had a blast there. Master at Arms Christie. remember the brig under the mess and the marine detachment. Don't remember the token. I was in Third Division bunked near the fantail. Was transferred to the USS Trippe De1075 from there. Got discharged in 72 in Newport RI.
Posted By: george webb | email: webbgeorgej@comcast.net6/09/16

I served on USS Wright with the Marine detachment in 68-69. We went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for some event. Received a medallion/Token with info. of event but lost it in a house fire in 1981. Any help on the recollection of this memory would be appreciated. Anyone remember the Rough and Spooky "Bermuda Triangle Crossing"?? Bill Wright
Posted By: Bill Wright | email: willowbend01@gmail.com06/07/16

Posted By: wayne braley | email: wabraley@comcast.net05/30/16

hello looking for paul Willard clark last knowing from pennsilvania sailed on uss wright was in Scotland around 1964 1968 I think if any members know of him or sailed with can you get in touch thank you
Posted By: paul grant | email:

hello im looking for my birth father who was in Scotland in the 1960s last known ship uss wright his name is Willard clark who originaly came from pensilvannia can anyone help please
Posted By: paul grant | email:

Where and what's the date of the 2016 reunion
Posted By: Lynn Gallagher | email: leg66@aol.com04/26/20

It is with a heavy heart that Inform our membership that Mr. Lloyd Rueb passed away 03/23/2016. Lloyd was a long time member of the association and served in an outstanding capacity as our Secretary and newsletter editor. Lloyd was loved and admired by all, and will be very much missed in our reunions.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: 03/24/20

Website is being updated this week.
Posted By: Admin | email: gahighlander@hotmail.com01/29/16

Web site needs update !
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com01/20/16

Looking for any radio men who served between1963/1966 .i was in the transmitter room.hokie was my nickname.if you remember me or any others in the comm div. give me a shoutout
Posted By: Roger Johnson | email: Rkjgolfer@yahoo.com01/08/16

The 2016 reunion will be held in Branson, MO.
Posted By: Donald Johnson | email: qm2cpo@gmail.com10/27/15

Location ship reunion 2016 ?
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com10/2/15

My dad, James Spanburg, was stationed on the USS Wright in the 1947(8)-1950 time-frame. He passed away last November. Trying to learn more about what he did and where he was stationed.
Posted By: David Spanburg | email: da6dspanburg@yahoo.com08/10/15

is anyone from63-64 pre-com , bremington to norfolk going to this years reunion? berry oa div.
Posted By: jack berry | email: mberry609@aol.com7/15/15

Ray Sheridan, sorry for the loss of your wife, our wives were the mental support for a lot of us service members, I know you truly miss her. Prayers be with you and your family.
Posted By: Robert Herndon, BM3 | email: rherndon@marktwain.net7/13/15

I am glad to have found this website and thank all the people who have worked so hard in creating the content. I have a friend who served on the U.S. Wright from 1952-1955 and as a gift I am creating a book of memories for him. I look forward to learning all about the ship and getting an appreciation for all who served on her.
Posted By: Charlie Garcia | email: indyhome1@centurylink.net07/12/15

I am posting this for the benefit of our many friends with the USS Wright Association. My wonderful wife of 48 years passed away June 26, 2015 of a massive infection. She is so very missed by me, my two children and her two beautiful grand daughters. She greatly enjoyed the reunions and the many friends that she met. God bless all of you out there that sill have your loved ones with you, enjoy them and tell them every day how much they mean to you. I miss mine so very much.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com06/28/15

Have a question here. I have a command post dated March of 1964 would like to share with some one else here who may have a different copy here. Mainly looking for the decommission one here.
Posted By: clinton RYAN | email: SILVERTEETH83@YAHOO.COM05/14/15

Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: SILVERTEETH83@YAHOO.COM05/13/15

I am on a quest. I would like to acquire a copy of the last "Command Post", the newspaper aboard the CC-2. I saw a picture of it on the internet, but have not been able to find it. I will donate it to the USS Wright Alumni Association, so that all members of the organization will be able to read and appreciate it. If you have a copy that you can donate to me, or sell to us as an organization, please contact me at
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com05/13/20

I was a plank holder in 1963. Was aboard from 1936-1964. RM3 in Secure Teletype. Looking for shipmates that also were aboard during that time and in Secure Teletype. Only ones I really new as we had a large number in the communications division.
Posted By: Rodney Collier | email: rodxd45gap@juno.com03/09/15

My grandfather was on the USS Wright and my grandmother whom still is alive was named Miss USS Wright!! I saw someone was looking for Miss USS Wright. Well she's alive and well!!! Albert Eugene Vascil was my grandfather who was station on the ship and my grandmother his wife Lois Vascil was Miss USS Wright. Want more info or pics email me.
Posted By: Jill Vascil Sweeney | email: Sweeneyfam2011@gmail.com03/07/15

Oh those poor persecuted Christians. I received that political rag, called the Newsletter yesterday, and again became angry with the content. I would suggest that the author check the Constitution about the separation of church and state. As I recall our President did speak at a Prayer Breakfast recently, which drew the ire of all the Right Wing pundits with some historical facts.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com02/27/15

I was on the wright Aug 65 to Nov 67 in the deck dept.I WAS BOAT COXSWAIN OF THE CAPTAIN'S GIG ON OUR TRIP TO Rio,Uruguay and Guantanamo Bay,Cuba.What a great trip that was. I still have my shellback diploma hanging.Is Bill Schwab and Ron Landry still out there.If anyone remember's me give me a shout
Posted By: Richard E. BOUTIN | email: USCGREB@HOTMAIL.COM02212015

The VietNam Virtual Wall is now visible on the main USS Wright page
Posted By: Web Admin | email: Notice02/17/15

This is an amazing page of the VIETNAM WALL. you can see info about almost anyone honored there. STUNNING!
Posted By: Don Wilburn, Lcdr, Ret. | email: donops692@yahoo.com02/06/20

Posted By: Steve Donnelly | email: scdonnelly@aol.com02/04/15

Hey shipmates, still look'in for R-Div. guys aboard from 64-68
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero46@gmail.com1/21/15

Hey it's been a long time since I have seen any NEW pictures here ? So whats up with that ?
Posted By: clint ryan | email: silverteeth83@yahoo.com12/27/14

Looking for a JAMES BERO have emailed you at 2 diffrent emails here but they dont go thru . Like to talk to you please give me a call at 616 443 5012 thanks Clinton F Ryan
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: silverteeth83@yahoo.com12/27/14

As of our last meeting in Charleston, the membership voted in a new membership rate of $25.00 per year gents. This is due to the number of non paying members since they are over 80 years old. This is the first increase in the dues since the late 70's gents. If we want to keep her memory alive, us younger guys will have to belly up to the bar...............count me in Guys!!
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com11/25/13

I was aboard the Wright in 53-54 when we saw action off coast of Korea. "Ham" was our commander. Does anyone remember his real name? Is anyone else out there who can tell me what they remember. Thanks
Posted By: Clyde Ballash | email: cballash@yahoo.com11/15/14

It is with deep regret that I received a message, and verified it, that Joseph Notarangelo, Jr. passed away right after the reunion if Charleston. He lived at 3279 Northridge Dr. in Clearwater Florida Thank you Chuck Hoehn for passing on the sad news.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com11/13/14

A member of the Association and a friend Hal Jaffe AK2 Hal passed away this October 2014. Larry Cuttler
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com11/12/20

It is with great sorrow that I inform that Jim E. Carter passed away on 11/8/2014. This information was presented by Jack Claypool. Jim and his wife Jewell have been long time active members in the USS Wright Association.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com11/12/20

Due to the recent passing of Membership Chairman Joe Yurillo, please forward all member ship dues and renewals to Ray Sheridan, 2518 Smouldering Wood Drive, Arlington, Texas 76016.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com11/10/20

Aviation rating PO 3rd class, USS Wright, CVL-49 V-2 division, Aviation Metalsmith, LSO, asst. approach director.. 1953-1954. Earlier assignment was, NAS Lakehurst, NJ 1st Division, Ships Company. at Hangar #1. L-Ships, K Bags Mike Ships and Nan Ships, the largest of the three was the Nan ship.
Posted By: Jim Vincent | email: jimmar7@comcast.net10/16/14

Location reunion next year ?
Posted By: Richard lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com10/08/14

It is with deep regret that our long time member Joseph Yurillo passed away September 20, 2014. Joe was a long time member and Membership Chairman. All dues should be forwarded to Ray Sheridan until further notice. Joe was a wonderful friend and will be missed deeply in out organization................Rest in peace my friend.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com09/25/20

My father was assigned to the Wright in 1941-1942 or 3. He passed away last year and I stumbled upon this site looking for anything about the USS Wright or my dad. I was hoping someone might remember him. His name was Willard (Mac) McArdle. If anyone does remember him, I would very much appreciate hearing from them. Thank you.
Posted By: Tammie McArdle | email: tammie@crandallgroup.com08/28/14

Posted By: JAMES VALENTINE | email: jvsv480@hotmail.com08/25/20

My father was LT. R.L. O'Flaherty, he served from 6/47-7/49. He was a Flight Deck Officer and the Catapult & Arresting Gear Officer. He also taught or was in charge of the boxing team. I have only one photo which was dated 20Jan1949 Says"Wright To Play Whiting Friday". It was taken on the flight deck and has a picture of 12 men posing for it.I would like to know if anyone would like to add this photo to you'll Association photo book? I would also like to know if anyone could get some information on what squadron my father was assigned to while he served on the ship. I'm doing his military history and the Wright years are completely blank.My father passed on 15June 2004. Thanks to anyone who could help me!
Posted By: David O'Flaherty | email: dboflaherty@yahoo.com082414

I believe my uncle Earl Richard Crisp 1912-1950 was on the USS Wright AV-1 during WWII, certainly on 7 December 1941 when it was returning to Pearl Harbor. Any more information would be gratefully received.
Posted By: d e wahlberg | email: dewahlberg@hotmail.com07/31/14

Was on the Wright CC-2 when commissioned until discharged June of 1965. I was in supply. Any old buddies e-mail me at
Posted By: Lynn Gallagher | email: LEG66@AOL.COM07/21/14

Still looking for R-Div. guys 64to 68 anyone know what ever happened to Ski from NY...he was Sf 2 and shipped over in 67
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero@gmail.com6/19/14

Posted By: NELVIS SEMEL | email: hothog2@ymail.com06/09/14

Maria Chase sent me a email.if anybody has her email address please send it to me.thanks
Posted By: roger johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com05/05/14

MM2 in the Aft Engine Room. 64-66. Anyone out here remember me? been a long time!
Posted By: Rabyrne (Ray) Hutton | email: rxhpc@gwi.net04/19/14

Served on wright 69/70 looking for perry m Mann number 4 fire room
Posted By: James Woodard | email: Wood2216@gmail.com02/26/14

Okay enough is enough !!!!opions are great , they are like ASS*&($s , well all have one bottom line is IF YOU don't LIKE THE PARTY THATS IN OFFICE VOTE THEM OUT we still have this right !!! As far as OBAMA CARE goes give it chance we never had anything like this before.. Also tell CONGRESS to WORK for the people and quit worrying about being re-elected here point blank !!!!
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com02/11/14

Okay enough is enough !!!!opions are great , they are like ASS*&($s , well all have one bottom line is IF YOU LIKE THE PARTY THATS IN OFFICE VOTE THEM OUT we still have this right !!! As far as OBAMA CARE goes give it chance we never had anything like this before.. Also tell CONGRESS to WORK for the people and quit worrying about being re-elected here point blank !!!!
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com02/11/14

This is a test of the emergency 'a KuKluxKlan cross burning/weenie roast's a-comin' atcha' alert system. If you've seen this message, breathe deeeep and don't do anything I wouldn't do on behalf of civil rights. If you haven't seen this message but sense one's been sent, then you've been zapped with invasive Tea Party paranoia, with little voices in your head, directing you to attend a froth-at-the-mouth political rally, where marshmallows, Bic lighters and foot-long wooden kabob sticks will be handed out at the door...meaning you need to contact your local telepathy management center for further instructions. If you haven't seen, heard or otherwise had the sense to get the gist of this message, then just fuggeddaboudit. Thus concludes this test.
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: heymonitorthiswillya.com02/11/14

Hello, feel free to banter about anything you wish,but we would prefer your comments would remain in a positive light. However note that this board is monitored and anything that appears to be spam or overtly profane will be removed.
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: Webmaster02/08/14

was on the uss wright AV-1 40to 42,am looking for a shipmate/Robert French (bob)/John/or anyone else from that time frame
Posted By: john ferguson | email: bigbruiser1@juno.com02/04/14

Mr. Yeager, of course they didn't want taxation without representation. I was talking specifically about why the ships owned by the East India Co were targeted. England passed the Tax Act of 1773 to give favored tax treatment to the East India Co. They could actually pay the duty and because of rebates from the crown could sell tea cheaper than smugglers. Although the colonists were boycotting tea, the ships in question were allowed into Boston harbor by friends of the crown. These ships were targeted specifically because of the favored tax status of the East India Co.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: 02/03/14

Tom and William, Growing up as an in-the-vicinity Bostonian, then a resident Bostonian and seldom a proper Bostonian, all throughout, I got the Boston Tea Party story via school, the library, TV and even osmosis. Public school history classes beat a 12-year drum, that the Boston Tea Party was freedom-inspired, with "No taxation without representation!" the rallying cry. Ongoing years led to more info, where the call to revolution and freedom for the colonies, took the roundabout route through economics and other profit motive, needled by resentment of a tax break awarded by Great Britain to the East India Tea Co., leading to vandalism by colonists, who should have been dressed as native Americans but decided they were Indians, back then. The British vented royal retaliation against the colonies, for their profit motivated vandalizing. The colonists decided they weren't gonna take it any more and then...came the call for freedom and revolution, the call to arms and Paul Revere's ride, with William Dawes's ride but an afterthought. With all the resentment, rallying cries for revolution and freedom from royal retaliation by those redcoats, etcetera, I would have enjoyed hearing this story told by Mel Blanc, as Elmer Fudd. William, if the taxation-w/out-rep info is all you have on the Boston Tea Party, look for more. It's been out there, all along.
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: listingway2starboard.org02/03/14

Tom McDonald, Hi. Good to see you riding your keyboard around here, again. It's been awhile for me, too. Time flies when I play on my drawing board or key up elsewhere. Good on ya for speaking up with Waldemar about our runaway train of a newsletter. And what's up here? I'm getting hongreh just reading all these new words. Lemmeh go chow down. I'll be back.
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: listingway2starboard.org02/03/14

Mr. McDonald It is nice of to state your fact and then tell others it is not a fact. I guess we both really got our own opinion. Read what happened, they did not want to pay Tax because they had no representation in the British Government.
Posted By: Will;iam Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com2/3/14

Mr. Yeager, you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. The real Tea Party destroyed the East India Company tea because the Crown had exempted it from tax. The East India Company was the British government trading company. Other importers paid tax, but the East India Company got special treatment. That is what made them angry.
Posted By: Thomas McDonald | email: 2/3/14 previous message, to Waldemar, just ran aground...exactly as a ship's association, we all know, has done. Anyway, here's continuing from the previous, "...yet it's fuzzy for those..." onward to: ...those not up on their Roman Numerals. So how to play up the exaggerated and fuzzy "...over 85%?" Would LXXXVIII qualify as a Roman farce? Anyway, Waldemar, here's wishing good on you.---Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: listingway2starboard.org02/02/14

Waldemar, May this Groundhog Day find you underway on a Happy 2014. Thanks, again, for taking the mentoring lead, to point out that a ship association newsletter's function is best-served by uniting the association, in total, instead of exalting the percentage of opinion, on top, while denigrating the dissenting opinion as being on the bottom and simply "...sitting on its butt." We're into the 2nd year of Barack's 2nd term and the whole world, outside of Blue State/Red State World, knows the real reason for the unrelenting amplified fringe-faction criticism against him. Someday, we'll coax these fringy-folks 60-100 years forward into present time, then break the true nature of their denial to them real easy-like. Meanwhile, how about that quoted membership approval rating of "...over 85%?" Have you ever heard of a random solid-number percentage quoted as "...over if the remaining "over" could be the difference,about to plant a consensus-declared kiss upon the 100% ceiling? It's a novel approach to exaggerating the point. A current term for this is 'consensus railroading' Another term for this approach was invented, during the Y2K Presidential campaign, by the speech writers of DubyaBushLeague. We've come to know this term as 'Fuzzy Math." Here's a relative perspective to this on Groundhog Day Super Sunday 48. Super Sunday gets played up in Roman Numerals, with this year capital-lettered up as XLVIII. Yeah, it falls together clear, yet it's fuzzy for those
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: listingway2starboard.org02/02/14

Ray Sheridan, Hi, Way to rant about those freeloaders. Yes...what about those corporate freeloaders and their generous tax breaks? Too many corporations thank our generous government by hoarding their profits. They sleaze out of providing employee benefits and they sleaze out of paying employment taxes, by hiring few if any employees. And/or...they make many, most or all their employees file tax Forms 1099 as 'independent contractors.' This widespread freeloading, by tax-achey-breakey corporations, slows or stems the flow of any given stream of incoming Social Security and Medicare funds into our national Treasury. Freeloading corporations will also be another hurdle for the ACA to clear. But that hurdle will be cleared. Are these the freeloaders you (and over 85% of members???) mean? Probably not. Meanwhile, what does the subject of 'freeloaders' have to do with a shipmate's rightful displeasure about our (Association President-approved?) newsletter's content? Hey, bubba, you brought the subject up. More later...Say g'nite, Ray
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: 47%backatcha.com02/01/14

My father, James W. Sparks served on the Wright (AV-1) from 1935 to 1939 as a Hard Hat diver. He also boxed under the Handle of Firpo Sparks. Would love to hear from anybody who may have served with him. Thank you.
Posted By: John Sparks | email: jsparks252@cfl.rr.com02/01/14

Comprobando más...en el periódico para Asociación del Wright, para enero 2014, en pagina 4, ¿auténticos testículos? ¡Aieee! ¡Qué horror!
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: 02/01/14

Comprobando...comprobando...comm-proh-baaahhnn-doh. ¿Qué es esto...Asociación del Wright o Wright Fiesta del Té? Oh-kayy...'ahsta prawwwn-toh.
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: 02/01/14

Fact You Decide The demonstrators destroyed the entire supply of tea sent by the East India Tea Company in defiance of the American boycott of tea carrying a tax the Americans had not authorized.
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com2/1/14

The interest we are paying on this debt is driving a nail into the heads of future generations. You could not survive if you did this, and neither will this country, as we old timers knew it.
Posted By: william yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com1/29/14

Mr. Wolfmeyer hit the nail on the head. I joined this organization to try and connect with some great friend from my Navy days. The kind of one-sided politics expressed in the newsletter should have no place here. How do you know 85% agree with you when 70% of the country doesn't. I didn't attend the reunion because of the views expressed in the newsletter and I won't be sending you any more dues for the same reason. Have fun at your tea party meetings, although you probably have no idea what inspired the original Tea Party. It wasn't because patriots didn't want to pay taxes, it was because they objected to the crown trading company NOT having to pay taxes. Your views are the reason more people don't come to the reunion.
Posted By: Thomas McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net01/29/14

Well said Mr. Sheridan!
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net1-29-14

All items published in the Newsletter are approved by the President of the organization, which currently is me. When over 85% of the membership is in agreement with current issues, that is what will be published. Most of us are tired of standing by to watch free loaders, and people that have contributed either very or little or nothing to society be given a free ride. If you have a different opinion or outlook on life, then don't just sit on your butt, fight your way to the top and convince the rest of us that you are right. Otherwise, you want change, you got it sir, good bye, and good luck.
Posted By: Raymond Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com01/28/14

Received the latest Newsletter and again I was greatly disappointed with the publication of the articles in it. However not necessarily surprised, because my experience with other veteran organizations that also lean to the far right. We finally have a President that is getting us out of ill advised wars, recovering the nation from a great recession brought on by the previous administration, made a major step in improving the healthcare of our country, and one who prefers diplomacy to warfare. I don't understand the thing of our veterans who saw the funds to their hospitals cut during the previous administration and restored and increased with this President, yet criticize everything he does. The newsletter has aked to pay $20.00 dues, well count me out for the dues and future reunions.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: 01/26/14

BT3--served in forward fireroom while in portsmouth during final yard peroid before decomissioning
Posted By: john edwards | email: oilshack@yahoo.com01/25/14

I was on the Wright CC2 from 1963 to 1965. Was in E-Div. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.Thanks
Posted By: Arthur Greenhalgh | email: snakem8@q.com01/21/14

Looking for any of the guys in R-Div 1965 threw 1968
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero46@gmail.com12/30/13

Thanks for posting my brother Ricardo Vidana photo that I submitted to you back in 1-7-2011. I last visited this web site back then. It's an impressive site. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Anthony Vidana | email: advidana@cox.net12/29/13

Merry Christmas to all who served aboard the U.S.S. Wright. May God watch over all her shipmates from the past and all those serving now throughout the world. BM3 Robert Herndon U.S.S. Wright 1966 - 1968
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net12/24/13

would like to hear from anyone who was on the 1965 softball championship team . When we won the admiral cup on the Thursday july 22nd 1965
Posted By: clint ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com12/14/13

I was a CYN3 onboard 66-69. I was in the CR3 Division and worked in the Communications Office most of that time. Would like to hear from any former shipmates.
Posted By: Gene Wilson | email: goodolmrwilson@verizon.net12/04/13

LuAnn, my Dad served on the Wright during that period of time. I will send you a ship roster dated August 1944. Your dad and my dad are listed on that roster. Will also send you a couple of photo's of my dad. Maybe your dad will recognize him. If he does let me know.
Posted By: Ron Getts | email: r_ge@msn.com12/01/20

Homer Remias would like to connect with anyone from the USS Wright/USS San Clemente during 1943-1946. Contact his daughter LuAnn Ross
Posted By: Homer Remias | email: TAEBOLU@aol.com11/30/13

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow sailors who served aboard the U.S.S. Wright CC-2 during 1967 1968.
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net11-28-13

looking for info on the RMCM Kinsley or Kingsley not sure....CR div also, Henry Shuck, Rudy Hess, Desjardin, McCaslin, Camus ..xmtr and rcvr ops
Posted By: Wayne Braley | email: wabraley@comcast.net11/26/13

Was on Wright 65 - 69 wound up in teletype repair, next to ET shop.Worked under RM 1 Horace Covington. Would like to hear from anyone that can still remember anything. LOL
Posted By: Todd Black6 | email: twblack46@hotmail.com11/11/13

Posted By: James BERO | email: JCBERO46@GMAIL.COM11/7/13

Does anyone out here have any pictures of the Russian trawlers which followed us from Seattle to the canal please let me know.
Posted By: clint ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com10/14/13

I was Reserve officer that went on steaming to Bar Harbor Maine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the surrender of Kaiser Wilhelm. Who was the skipper then?
Posted By: May | email: Dale09/19/13

Just returned from the Reunion in Nashville and would like to thank all those that made it such a wonderful experience. It was a job VERY well done, thank you!
Posted By: Art Ranta | email: kay1135@aol.com09/16/13

My grandfather, Bobby (Ike) Williams is interested in getting in touch with Charles Schmid or David Tarr, on board in the early 1950's, please email me, thanks!
Posted By: Bobby (Ike) Williams | email: Bryceclark1980@yahoo.com09/11/13

Hey Richie Truman please contact me at 616 443 5012 or at 616 531 6391 thanks Clint.
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com09/02/13

Hi anybody from V-3 gas out there I was on from 1951 to 1954 They call me(Squid).I also was in the beach crew of VP-44 Norfolk in 1954Sept.
Posted By: Jim McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net11/23/33

Jim McGowan, on the Home page, at the base of the activities of the reunion there is a link to get the registration form, which you can print and then fill out.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: 8/19/201

Hello. My dad (Robert McGowan)was on the CVL-49 Aircraft carrier USS Wright during the Korean War as a Radio Man. He and I are thinking of driving down from Michigan to attend the reunion in Nashville in September. I've already reserved a room at the hotel, but I think I need to send in a registration form to someone (maybe Ray Sheridan...but I can't seem to reach him). Can anyone help me with details so I can make sure we are all set....also, since we haven't done this before, I'd like to know what these reunions are like (should we bring golf clubs, or anything else)? Thanks. We are looking forward to this trip together.
Posted By: Jim McGowan | email: jim.mcgowan@tognum.com08/12/13

Sent few email to Ray and called not reply . Not going this Sept 2013 uss wright cc-2 Reunion . Requesting refund, tour and food.
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com07/24/13

I was in the Marine Detachment in 69' and 70'. Any other Marines still around???
Posted By: James (jim) Valentine | email: jvsv48@hotmail.com07/10/20

Tom, Happy July! May this find that you've had a good weekend. Right you are about our views. The weather report on my views are 'fair-to-flexible.' Many UU's incorporate Buddhist teachings into their lives. UU values, in general, encourage folks to be flexible and embrace any principle or belief that touches their souls. It's my understanding that UU's believe, " general."
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com07/01/13

Gary, I don't think we are far apart on our view of the world. I have never been to a UU service, but my belief now is very close to the tenets of Zen Buddhism which I don't think differs much.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/29/13

Tom, The CC-2 Library guys likely could have mentored my budding views on the war and other politics. Otherwise, I would have been in my religious-discussion element, as a Unitarian-Universalist. There' a saying among UU's along these discussion lines: When most folks pass on, their souls queue up in the 'heaven' line or the 'hell' line. We UU souls, however, line up to go to hell or discussion group or heaven or discussion group, check one pair; there must be some karmic Catch-22 involved.
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/27/13

Need to share room . call skype ib lyons209
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: wd9dnm@wi.rr.com06/27/13

Politics, religion, the war, books we had to read in high school, anything but the Navy.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@!comcast.net06/26/13

Tom, Word of these discussions never reached me. Otherwise, I would have enjoyed taking part. What topic(s)of philosophy were discussed?
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/26/13

Gary, that's a full life. I only have a little time this morning, but as more details of life on the Wright come to mind, didn't you and I and some others have some late night philosophical discussions in the library?
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/26/13

Tom, Maybe you picked up antenna deck blessings from CC-2 for your avionics career. It sums up as a solid career, from where I sit. I went from active duty to Boston's Bryant & Stratton Business School, then took an Associate's Degree in Business Management to LSU, to major in Sociology and get acquainted with New Orleans. Then life got creative. I lived in a commune in Boston's Back Bay for a spell, became an artist, got married, traveled the USA Canada & Europe and got married again. My day jobs included building fiberglass sailboats,building butcher block furniture, teaching woodcarving and working on an archeological dig in Israel. I also worked for a Hartford, CT insurance company and for the State of Connecticut, before having a career with the Internal Revenue Service. Janet and I are married 28 years now and we live in Maine. My artplay is on track, with a project, which will keep me home-based for awhile. So I'm gonna pass on this year's reunion. How are you spending your free time?
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/25/13

Gary, went right from active duty to get my BS in engineering from Oakland University in Michigan and then got an MBA from Iowa in 84. Retired now, but spent my professional life in avionics for Collins Rockwell, then AlliedSignal and Honeywell. Living in Oregon now. What have you been up to and are you going to the reunion?
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/24/13

Tom, An active duty hitch, exempt from boot camp, the messdecks and The Deck is quite the hat trick. That's making your party-time count. You were blessed. Did you continue study after getting out?
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/24/13

any amateur Radio shipment will a at Nashville ? RICHARD LYONS WD9DNM
Posted By: Richard lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com06.24/13

Looking to share a room ! Thursday to Monday .
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: rlyons@wi.rr.com06/24/13

I had a NROTC scholarship to University of Michigan as a Midshipman, but my party lifestyle caused me to drop out after a year. Because I was a Regular instead of Contract I was committed to two years active duty, so they transferred me to a Reserve Unit as a Seaman Apprentice. When it was time for me to go on active duty they sent me directly to Philadelphia for orders and I drew the Wright. Never went to boot camp. Just think, if they had sent me to boot camp I would have been ranking sailor right out of the gate. The rest is history.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/22/13

Tom, Gary Carolan is clear in my mind. His wavy hair wore better than mine on a CC-2 haircut. The 5th Naval District Santa was very generous with your '67 Christmas cut. I also lucked out, on Dec. 15, 1967,as did 1,498 (?)other 5th sailors. I was out before turning 21. Meanwhile, you pitched a no-hitter to ride your tour without duty on the messdecks or on The Deck. You trumped my karma of only 4 messdeck days, all during my 85 Day reserve boot camp. Two summers later, our X-Div sent me to 2nd Div as failed YN-punishment. But I liked The Deck, especially when they transferred me aft to 3rd Div. 3rd Div gave me a new start as a deckhand who threw a strong accurate heaving line, before getting promoted up one level to the 1st Lieutenant's Office. Ok, Tom, story-up with how you ended up on active duty. I'm a believer.--Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/23/13

Gary, you're memory is amazing. I got to the Wright at the beginning of March and went straight from XI Div to X Div as a compartment cleaner. Thank goodness I could type. Gary Carolan was one of the Chaplain's Yeoman and he told me there was an opening and I stayed in that position until an early Christmas out at the end of 67. No mess decks, no deck force, if anyone had an easier active duty, I haven't heard it. Did I ever tell you the story of how I got on active duty? I didn't tell many people because they tended not to believe me.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/21/13

Tom, to remember my yesteryear face, with the CC-2 issue boot camp hair-clip, think Tommy Smothers. Folks would stop me at airports on that look-alike.I literally grew out of that look, when my close-clip grew out auburn, then luxuriated into an afro. You were, in fact, the 1st between us, to sew on your crow-patch. I remember your starting out in X-DIV, as a compartment cleaner, in either Winter or Spring 1966, then passing your YN3 either side of a year later. You did good. --Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/21/13

Hi Art,My self-correction from yesterday: Solstice chrometers are wound and clear. Picture a Gunner's Mate or some other chronometer guy whacking me between the ears with a Bluejacket's Manual for 'round' instead of 'wound.'
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/22/13

Gary, sound like old times. I recognize your name but am having a hard time remembering a face. If I was the first to congratulate you, then I must have been the first to "tack" on that patch. I remember my arm was sore for a week after I made YN3. Both Chaplains were great, down-to-earth, guys. The Library was a great place to work. Both Chaplains said to come to them if our Division officer ever gave us a problem, but they also said "don't ever embarrass me."
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net06/21/13

Tom McDonald, X-Div!It's good to see your words! Greetings from my 1st Lieutenant's Office to your Chaplain's Office, circa 1967, & across the years & miles. I will always appreciate your being one of the 1st to congratulate me, for passing the Aug.'67 YN3 exam, as my ¡Sí se puede! comeback to being bounced to Deck w/message "Your YN days are done!" CDR Jenkins & LCDR Neal are clear in my memory, as CC-2 Chaplains. They made me feel safe at sea, not strapped into a pew for a Clockwork Orangey dose of preaching. I concur with your politake. Political debate is stimulating. But 'association' should be Priority 1 for our Association. Key back when you can. I'll key s'more before or after.--Gary Wood, from 1st Lt.LCDR Moody's YN Team
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/21/13

All right, Art. Everything is good here, too. We've just sailed into summertime. The air is warm and breezy. The solstice chronometers are round and clear. Onward and forward.--Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/21/13

Yes, Gary, the site tested OK. I was wondering because there was some activity, and then about two days of nothing. Happy to see everything is OK
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net6/21/13

"...correction: plagiarizing and prosletyzing. Er, whelp, I hate it when folks keep channeling me out here. Have a jelly bean...err...take two."--Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/20/13

Art, Did this site test out from your end? I was reassured by your observations about religious content in our newsletter. It confirmed what other association members also see. Do you remember someone's newsletter entry, a few years back, which said this? I quote, in so many words: "86% of people believe in God. The other 14% can shut up!" It was unsigned. The submitter, who remained anonymous, plagiarized an Andy Rooney commentary.Ronnie Reagan would say, about the present: "Er,whelp,errr, therrre you go again,ship association, plagiarizing the prosletyzers"-Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/20/13

Hi Waldemar, You're quite welcome for my comments. With appreciation for your words, I meant to reply before now. Stanley Cup Hockey with overtimes keeps me TV-glued into the night. Remember when 'skating' used to apply to anyone shirking ship's work. It isn't the case with these two teams. These players skate with energy! More later.-Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/20/13

Testing the site
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net06/20/13

Apparently, my last post on this website was too long to be submitted. Suffice to say, that I find the February and June newsletters leave a lot to be desired, and I agree with the comments about the present newsletter
Posted By: Arthur Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net06/18/13

In regards to the recent activity on the Wright Association Message Board, I feel I must also add my comments about the last two USS Wright Newsletters... My first comments go back four months to the February, 2013 newsletter! From that newsletter, I find the following; Page 1 – Is a message from the Chaplain, which is all well and good. Below that, there is another short article that is OK, but repeats the religious idea. Page 2 – The list of officers and volunteers is proper and expected. Page 3 – consists of MORE religion, with Politics added! Page 4 – Who knows? It must interest some members, which is fine, because the prime reason for a newsletter is to write articles of interest to many members! Page 5 – Again, this contains comments about gun ownership. I view this as more Politics! Page 6 – Comparing Jews and Christians! Though is may be a good article for some publications, to me, this is more religion! Page 7 – At the top of this page is a nice Memorial for a deceased shipmate, this case, Lt Cmdr Sparkman. All well and proper. My disappointment is, that surely, Cmdr. Sparkman is not the only former crewman and shipmate who is recently deceased! Other ship's newsletters often devote up to a full page to deceased shipmates, and also those on the 'sick list' who may well welcome notes and cards from shipmates, especially those who may have been on the ship at the same time, or even in the same division. Now, from the present June, 2013 issue of the Wr
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net06/18/13

Thanks for your comments Gary. Glad there are a few enlightened individuals in the organization.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com6/18/13

Whoever posted the pg.5 Newsletter comment,which gay-bashes an African-American NBA Player, along with tedious POTUS-bashing, you're a disappointing shipmate. U R hereby sentenced to 3 months of messcooking. BTW:You ended your comment with "Am I missing something?" Yes U R. You forgot to sign your name. If you wish to make newsletter political statements, kindly do so with identity to suppliment your convictions.-Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/18/13

Waldemar, I have no dog in any fight. As a cat-person, I have a biiig cat a-pounce on this pg 5 issue. Wright Association is caucasian Christian persuasion. My Euro-white blood also includes Jewish and 2 Native American tribes. When I see 'diversity' 1st time Wright Assoc-ever, in a sleazy semi-plagiarized Peanuts race-baiting cartoon, hear hisses and growls. See sharp claws. that pg.5 cartoon obstructs any diversity Wright Assoc. could have. I knew much much more diversity on CC-2. Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/18/13

Hi Waldemar. I concur. Our June Newsletter crossed the line w/pg 5 gay-bashing and race-bating, which adds, in fact, to ongoing racial profiling of our 1st more-than-just white POTUS. BTW:I left the American Legion for the same reason in 1993. Gary
Posted By: Gary Wood | email: janetand garywood@yahoo.com06/18/13

Again I was very disappointed in the latest newsletter. I may have mentioned before that I dropped out of the Legion when I received their publication, which was so politically slanted. I was tempted to cancel my reservations for the reunion, but decided to attend to say goodbye to my friends.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com6/17/201

Again I was very disappointed in the latest newsletter. I may have mentioned before that I dropped out of the Legion when I received their publication, which was so politically slanted. I was tempted to cancel my reservations for the reunion, but decided to attend to say goodbye to my friends.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com6/17/201

I was excited to find this site and was looking forward to the reunion in Nashville. It was disappointing to receive the recent newsletter and find one page was devoted to anti Obama political rants. I would be glad to debate politics, but I don't believe that is what this association should be about. Would someone tell me if I can expect more of this at the reunion before I commit my hard earned cash?
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net6/17/13

Still looking for R-Div. guys 65-68 new e mail is
Posted By: James Bero | email: jcbero@gmail.com6/15/13

Posted By: RICHARD LYONS | email: wd9dnm@wi.rr.com06/12/13

Good to see the board back on line...thought we broke it.
Posted By: Donald Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com06/11/13

Èçâèíèòå, àäìèíèñòðàòîð óäàëèòå òåìó.
Posted By: ifartua ifartua | email:

Thanks, JJ, I hope others continue to use the Message Board. Art
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net06/10/13

Message board back on line
Posted By: jj test | email: 06/08/13

Sorry to hear of his passing. Ed Harvey worked for years to help those veterans exposed to the radiation to no avail. The government is probably waiting until all are gone. May have known him but not sure I was ABM and worked on the hangar deck and flight deck. Was also on the Wigwam atomic blast operation.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com4/1/13

Just to let you know, my husband of 45 years, Boyd E. Pramhus, passed away on 03/04/2013 from a malignant brain tumor, Glioblastoma. He was an airmen on the USS Wright during "Operation Wigwam". I am fighting the Deptmart of Veterans Affairs with a claim for his death due to ionizing radiation exposure. If you want any more information, please contact me.
Posted By: Pepper Pramhus | email: ppramhus@comcast.net1/4/20 this is my Sorry you could not get theough. Please try again thanks
Posted By: GEORGE SIMKO | email: RFDCapSt2@comcast.net4/1/13

This is to George Simko....tryed to get back to you via your e-mail but cant' get threw....send me a e-mail JB
Posted By: Jim Bero | email: jimmyb1619@hotmail.com4/1/13

When I opened the latest newsletter, I was deeply disappointed by the contents. I never expected to find Right Wing ideology in this organization. I am a proud LIBERAL and feel strongly that this country needs major gun control. There is not another industrialized nation that has repeated mass killings like we do. The safest place is a home without a gun. If you live in a house with a gun, you have a 1000 times greater chance of being killed by a gun than a person living in a house without a gun.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: 3/27/13

Thanks to you CC people the USS Wright CC2 and CVL-49 Reunions are looking like the bow is going down and the old lady is begging for participation. We can see the bottom of the barrel. Last reunion in Jacksonville, FL was a very exclusive group of 66. Where is your love and pride in honor of the old lady. Show up this September in Nashville, please! Keep her alive with her great history. I was the last cremember to lay eyes on her while she was in the scrapyard. She has a very special meaning to me.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com3/26/13

I was on board 66-67 sfp3 with graphm, brock(the bitter) andLt. Newton and dan gross.can anyone tell me if any of them are still around
Posted By: GEORGE SIMKO | email: RFDCapST2@COMCAST.NET3/25/13

I am looking for any body that rembember me I served from 63-64 in the I believe it was the 1st division the anchor crew.
Posted By: Raymond Corder | email: grnthumb65@q.com3/22/13

Any of the RM's ET's who worked in CR2 (Crypto) Div during 68-70 on here?
Posted By: Fred Rosenbaum | email: fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com2/18/13

Ray, how about putting some of the particulars of the tours out to folks. How can we choose menu for banquet or any other activities?
Posted By: Donald Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com2/11/13

I posted a message on 02/09/13. I would like to hear from anyone out there that served on the Wright from 66 69 Phone 386-446-6306 thanks
Posted By: Steve Finger | email: kb4dnq@gmail.com2/11/13

I am the daughter of Geo Sadler. I do not know the years he served on this vessel, and he does not have a computer. I am signing this guestbook in his stead. Feel free to email me, any of his crewmates, and I will pass the message along. Much obliged, mates
Posted By: George Sadler | email: itzamia@live.com2/11/13

I served on the Wright from 65 to 69. I was the IC2 in charge of secure tel with Dave Smith and Greald Dutette.
Posted By: Steve Finger | email: kb4dnq@gmail.com2/9/20

My father, Wayne C. Biss, served on the USS Wright several times, before retiring in 1970. I still have two "Honorary Wright Guy" pins in my jewelry box-my souvenirs of a Dependents Day Cruise!
Posted By: Rebecca Myers | email: rkm_rlm@hotmail.com2/1/13

Does anyone remember Airman Boyd E Pramhus on the USS Wright during Operation Wigwam?
Posted By: Pepper Pramhus | email: ppramhus@comcast.net1/5/13

Posted By: | email: 12/25/12

Merry Christmas Greatest Generation!
Posted By: | email: 12/24/12

Duh...........the next reunion is in 2013, thank goodness for the wifes eagle eye!!!!!!
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com12/14/12

All righty then......The next reunion for the USS Wright Association will be in Nashville, Tennessee September 12-16, 2012. You can help by getting your reservations in at the Sheraton Music City (about 5 miles out side the city) by calling 615-885-2200 an reserve a room at $99 a night.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com12/14/12

Next annual reunion to be in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com12/14/12

Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: WIMMPER@MSN.COM12/6/12

I was an Electronic Technician in the early 50s and our gang took care of all the radar aboard. Did not know this person nor did I ever hear of a Radar Technician during that time.
Posted By: Bob Garrett | email: brokebob2@hotmail.com12/6/12

While out and about a lady saw my Wright shirt and asked if I was on board her. Her husband passed 20 years ago and she wondered if anyone would have remembered him. Donald Franklin Leighton on board early 50s, he was Radar Tech First Class. If anyone remembers him, let us know.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com12/5/12

My fathers name is Charles Hertzler, he was on the USS Wright in the early 50's, he was a captain in the Marines and a sky raider pilot, He was thrilled when I told him about this site, just wandered if anyone still out there that might remember him...
Posted By: Nina Crawford | email: bahahereicomel@hotmail.com12/3/20

I know the ship went into mothballs in 70 does anyone have a picure of her there ?
Posted By: James Bero | email: jimmyb1619@hotmail.com12/1/12

I was in X Div 1966-67 and served as Yeoman for both CDR Jenkins and LCDR Neal. Just found the site and recognize a few names in the message posts. I have a number of the old Command Posts which I would be glad to share if anyone is interested.
Posted By: Tom McDonald | email: tlm1040@comcast.net12/1/12

Attention : Anyone servred aboard the wright in 63 to 68 . Have pictures of the ship on the way or tied up to a peir or the yard , drydock ... I am NOT getting any younger PLEASE SEND THEM ... THANKS CLINT
Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: WIMMPER@MSN.COM11/28/20

would like to hear from anyone in the communications div. that served aboard the wright from 63 to jan. 66.drop me a line,would like to reconnect with old shipmates
Posted By: roger johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com11/3/20

Hey I had a brain freeze here. I talked to someone over the phone a couple of weeks ago here . You were suppose to of sent me some photo's here . Well I cant remember who you were . I have the photo's here all set but I have been waiting for you to send me some here . I will send them to you if I could get your address again . Getting OLD here I forget things here ( laugh ) so please email me the address so I can send them to you . thanks Clint
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: WIMMPER@MSN.COM10/26/12

LISTEN UP . ANYONE USS WRIGHT CC2 IN 1963 THAT ISNT DEAD CONTACT ME A.S.A.P. TIME IS RUNNING OUT hope to hear from you soon here. Here is my number 616 531 6391 email me I will get back to you ASAP
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com10/21/12

Changed E-Mail...still looking for guys in R Div. 65-68
Posted By: James Bero | email: jimmyb1619@hotmail.com10/17/12

I was on the Wright 66 into 68 Deck crew. If anyone remembers Griff BM3 give me a call. 262-577-5478 I'm a little fuzzy about those years.
Posted By: Truman Griffiths | email: lindaandlynn@yahoo.com10/12/12

this is jerry again, must of forgot my own phone number it's 541-459-9693 there we go !!!!!
Posted By: JERRY ROGERS | email: grogers@douglasfast.net10/10/12

Posted By: JERRY ROGERS | email: grogers@douglasfast.net10/8/12

how do i go ab out getting a list of the ship's company.either that or a roster of the comm. div.
Posted By: roger johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com9/29/12

served on the wright from jan.63 to jan.66 in the transmitter room.would like to hear from anyone in the comm div who was aboard at nthat time
Posted By: roger johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com9/29/12

Hey I posted a ad last night and I forgot to put my phone number here you have my email & my phone is 1-616-531-6391 ask for Clint. thanks
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com9/26/12

Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com9/25/20

To LeRoy (Lee) Klein I served on board the USS Wright CVL fron Jan. 49 till June 52. I was in M the time and I was standing in line on the hanger deck to go down to the mess hall when the tip of the prop come down thru the flight deck, and dam near hit me. Their were several ship mates in line with me from our M division Paul Tishler was one that I can recall at that time. Maybe there might still be some other oldtimers that remember this. William A. Yaeger
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com9/25/12

Would like to know if anyone serving on the Wright in late 49 or early 50's recalls this accident: I was making my final carrier qualification landing when I felt the tailhook engage and then a loud metallic snap as it separated. This lurched me to starboard and put me on a collision course with the radar tower, and put one of the crewmen running to disengage directly into the path of the prop. A fast dive to the deck to the left saved him. On impact and sudden stoppage, that monster four bladed prop chopped through the steel. I found pix of my accident in the Wright archives while on my annual reserve 2 weeks there in the 60's. I requested them, but was told they would be sent - but I never did get them. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might recall this have some more information. Thanks, Lee Klein, Napa, CA
Posted By: LeRoy (Lee) Klein | email: Bullbat@inreach.com9/25/12

Looking for Ed Sadorski....SKI...SF 2nd , anybody from R Div. know how to locate him ? He was from NYC was aboard 64-67,I think he shipped over
Posted By: James Bero | email: jimmyb4213@live.com9/23/12

looking for a guy named Ed Napper he was a 3rd class coreman year of 64 & 65 played on the softball team .
Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: wimmper@msn.com9/22/12

Served aboard 1965-66 PC3 OC DIV Does anyone remember or know where I can locate Don DeHart PC1? PC2 Gerry Childers, PC2 Tootsie Smalls ( all became good friends ( top sailors )
Posted By: LeRoy Oswald | email: lomo18@rcn.com9/14/20

anyone out there who is a plank owner of USS Wright CC-2 if so PLEASE SEND A PHOTO OF IT PLEASE.
Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: WIMMPER@MSN.COM9/12/20

Glad to see some activity on here from anyone, no matter when they served on the USS Wright. I thought I was was posting a message to a ghost ship. William Yaeger M-Div. Jan. 49 June 52 (CVL 49)
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com9/8/12

I am glad to see a little activity from anyone who served on USS Wright no matter when. I thought I was talking to a ghost ship. Willam Yaeger M-Div. Jan. 49 June 52
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com9/8/12

To Dusty Rhodes, I do remember Bill Robertson the drycleaning guy. Being leading PO of 4th Div. that maintained the ship's exterior sides I spent lots of time on the pier in Norfolk while in port there.
Posted By: Charlie Shuffitt | email: shuff3218@comcast.net9/7/12

I served on board the Wright CC-2 from '66 to '68 as BM3 4th Div., ran the paint locker under chief "Hatchet-face" Bryant, one very tuff old Boats. Would love to reconnect with old shipmates.
Posted By: Charles Shuffitt | email: shuff3218@comcast.net9/6/12

I served on the Wright late 66 to late 68 inA Div. I left the ship as EN2. I remember Rio and MM2 Fronsac on liberty after a "FEW"beers throwing U.S. money in the air while having a fist full of Brazilian money that wasn't 10 bucks.
Posted By: Brent Kelly | email: 2bkells@cox.net9/4/12

Any body from V-3 Divsion 51to54 on USS WRIGHT CVL-49
Posted By: Jim McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net8/28/12

To any of my old time shipmates or any of their family, who would of known at the time our ship would go down in the history books for being one of the carriers that Neil Armstrong used for his qualifications.William Yaeger M-Div. Jan. 49 June 52
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com8/25/12

Served aboard USS Wright from about Feb '64 to Feb '66. I think in the CR2 division. Last rank was RM3. Served mostly in the receiver room area. I remember a lot of faces, but saddlly very few names. One name I do remember is Kelly Gibbs from West Virginia. Lots of fond memories.
Posted By: Elton Coleman | email: ray.coleman44@yahoo.com8/12/12

This alumni association reunion event is open to those that served aboard the USS Wright and their families, no vendors allowed.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com8/2/12

Posted By: AUSTINE EMEGWOAKO CHINEDU | email: merchant_africa01@yahoo.com7/27/12

any 0A guys from 63-64 coming to jax reunion, hope to see some old friends, swap a few lies, tell a few jokes. lets all see what 48 years did to us. hope to see you there.
Posted By: jack berry | email: mberry609@aol.com7/6/12

Hello, This is John Gwyn, USS Wright 1968-1970. My wife, Helen and I will be attending the renuion. I made our resevation tonight. We certainly look forward to meeting all of you.
Posted By: john gwyn | email: john.gwyn46@gmail.com6/25/12

Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com6/5/12

Served from Easter weekend '69 thru the decom. grerat ship. Worked in the Evap gang. I wasn't much on 'social', McIntyre was an MM1 at the time. Spent most of my time with him learning how to work the plants...I remember when we processed over 100,000 gallons of water. I don't remember the skipper we had at that time...but I remember talking to him one time in the bilges of all places. We were all happy when he made Admiral. I remember the XO being a real butt! I also remember the sounds of her cry as she was towed...silent and black...I'll never forget that sound...Best of Luck to you swabbies out there. I'm in Vietnam and have lived here for about 8 years it...take care.
Posted By: stephen12 socorso | email: socorsotony5/26/12

I served on the Wright from Sept.66-Jan.68 as a Journalist in the Public Information Office. I wrote stories for the ship's magazine, learned photography in the photo lab and hand-set letterpress printing in the print shop. I edited the nightly newletter and was the D.J. on the 5-channel radio station. I remember the Rio cruise where I became a shellback, the Panama Canal cruise, the Bermuda cruise and the Bal Harbor, Maine cruise(the lobster festival). When we sailed into NYC harbor in fall(?)1967 we lined the rails in dress blues and were saluted by the fire boats.I was also on the 22-1 touch football team the almost won the CINCLANT football championship. I was sent to the enlisted and officer's wives club meetings to photograph the mtgs. You guys might remember me as the journalist who created the Girls Back Home picture contest we held for the Magazine each month. Capt. Frank Romanick treated the P.I.O. better because he was always trying to impress the Navy Command as he felt he was't given much respect because he was not an Academy graduate. I remember helm duty one night in the North Atlantic when we went through some very high waves. We were shaking scared, but he laughed his ass off. He had been a desk jockey most of his career but loved being a ship's Captain. I'm living at the California Vets Home in West Los Angeles and enjoyed my time on the Wright except for my 16 weeks in the scullery under Petty Off.1st class Merwin. Am a member of AMVETS Post 2 Culver Cit
Posted By: Ken Lock | email: kenwlock1@comcast.net5/24/12

looking fo any body who served on the Wright from 1965 to 1968 in R div. I was a DC3 I remember the Rio Cruise. Lt Newton was our Div. officer,
Posted By: Jerry Rhoads | email: jerr1973@hotmail.com5/20/20

The Pig in the ground will be on Wednesday, the Official meeting and auction will be on Thursday, and the pictures taken and banquet will be on Friday.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com5/17/12

I must warn of a change in the Menu for the reunion banquet. Instead of snapper, the menu will include Grilled Salmon at $44 per guest, and the New York Strip Steak will be $47 per person. The hotels are killing us with the banquet costs.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com5/17/12

Posted By: JOHN GWYN | email: JOHN.GWYN46@GMAIL.COM5/7/12

never mind :) I am on the main site now. Hope to see you all soon! John Gwyn
Posted By: john gwyn | email: john.gwyn46@GMAIL.COM5/7/12

Ray, when is the meeting in september. My wife and I would like to attend. John Gwyn 336-794-4069
Posted By: john gwyn | email: john.gwyn46@gmail.com5/7/12

R division shipfitter pre-com 1963 to nov.1964. Have posted before but this is new email address. Still keep in touch with Doug Needham.
Posted By: Robert (Bob) White | email: robwhite568@comcast.net5/4/12

Hello, I represent the family of Joseph L Reardon Jr. who served aboard the Wright between 1953 and 1955. He died last week at his home in Bridgeton, ME at the age of 77. He loved to tell stories of his days on the Wright which may be why i am in the cruise industry to this day. If any one remembers my dad or has any pictures I would be very greatful if they could be forwarded to my email. Thank you, Joe Reardon III.
Posted By: Joe Reardon III | email: kerryjkr@aol.com5/3/12

i forgot to include my name...Bob Widuta AKA Dutaman
Posted By: Bob Widuta | email: biglifter@yahoo.com5/2/12

i came upon the message board by accident and notice 2 old shipmates who i worked with in CR-3 Div one Richard Moulton and a Jim Pierce, Rich and I were also on the Columbus, I was on the Wright from March 68 to March 70, made RM2 when we were in Port Everglades in Aug 69. Worked for Chief Guiterrez you may remember him with that HUGE up-truned mustash. So any Wright Guys (CR-3) brothers out there gimme a shout ...
Posted By: Bob Widuta | email: biglifter@yahoo.com5/2/12

I am looking for Robert Clark, AKA Bob or Reb. He was on the Wright from 1963/1966 and was an EM. I think that he was from Sulvester, Georgia and went with a lady from Valdosta, Georgia. Any clues, let me know.
Posted By: Jerry Childers | email: jchild3400@bellsouth.net5/1/12

Greetings and Vox Imprii to everyone. I would like to ask that anyone who was aboard during March through April 1968 who stood bridge, lookout, radio and CIC watches or anyone who has any knowledge or information regarding the "26 de Julio" incident at Lynhaven please contact me: Gary Rudolph, CIC watch supervisor, USS Wright 1967-68.
Posted By: Gary Rudolph | email: garyrudolpg@comcast.net4/29/12

What: Annual Reunion USS Wright Alumni Association Where: Jacksonville Crown Plaza Riverfront 1201 Riverplace Boulevard Jacksonville Florida 32207 Reservations: 1-800-227-6930 or 904-398-8800 Ext 500 Ask for USS Wright Alumni Association Blocked Rooms Rates: $69.00 ? 89.00 Your choice at requesting reservations. When: Arrive September 11, 2012???.Leave September 15, 2012 Events: September 12, 2012 ? ?Pig in the ground Luau? Cost $40.00 per person (including transportation) Departure from Hotel at 16:00 return at 11:00 Various additional Food Items served Cash bar available. Dress: Let it all hang out???..PARTY! September 13, 2012 (Free Day) Lunch Ferry Boat Tour optional September 13, 2012 ? Official Meeting and Auction at 19:00 (7:00 p.m.) September 14, 2012 Pictures taken at 18:00 (6:00 p.m.) Official Banquet (Same DJ as performed in Pensacola) Banquet Menu: Procuitto Wrapped Chicken Breast $39.00 per guest Snapper Florentine $32.00per guest New York Strip Steak $36.00 per guest Desert: New York CheeseCake, Key Lime Pie, German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake ($2.00 per gues
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com4/28/12

Hi, I represent the family of Maurice Erhardt and am looking for some information regarding his time on board the U.S.S. Wright. Mr. Erhardt was stationed on the U.S.S Wright from 1949-1953 and worked in the boiler room. I found your contact information through the ship?s online database and was hoping you could provide me with some information. Any information would be helpful, whether you knew Mr. Erhardt personally or just have some general information about your time on the ship. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide. Sincerely, Michael Burke 617-451-9191
Posted By: Michael Burke | email: mburke@shepardlawfirm.com4/23/12

Perter Balma, HM3, served in H-Div 1953-1954 Died today, 04/21/2012, following a long illness. He was a member, but never able to attend reunions because of his health
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com4/21/20

I was on the Wright from 1969 to 1970. I worked in the Eng office.
Posted By: O. David Rist | email: orist@carolina.rr.com4/18/12

Hi, my Dad was Benjamin J. Zukowski, serving aboard the Wright in 1945-1947. Does anyone have a recollection or memory or picture of my Dad?
Posted By: Susan benson | email: benmel123@gmail.com4/12/12

Hi, I served aboard the Wright from 1968-1969 in the communications/radio room Cyn3. Love to talk with the shipmates I served with. Thanks
Posted By: Jimmy Pearce | email: epoxitex@aol.com4/12/12

Annual reunion will be in Jacksonville Florida this year. We will be staying at the Crown Plaza Riverfront. Additional information will be available in a newsletter format shortly.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com3/5/12

Looking for Ed Napper or Bill Grausc a member of The USS Wright Softball Team . The team when they defeated The USS Sierra softball team on Friday July 09 1965 to capture the annual tender destroyer admil cup . If you know about the softball team or even from the ship mates ?? Please get a hold of me thanks Clinton F Ryan
Posted By: CLINT RYAN | email: wimmper@msn.com3/21/12

Was a corpsman on the Wright CC-2 in 1967.
Posted By: Greg Moen | email: gjmoen1@gmail.com3/11/12

I just found out that my father served in Navy Aircraft Carrier on USS wright in 1955, I would really like to know if anyone knew him..His name was Harry Thomas (Tommy) Woolsey,from Decatur Ill. He died from Cancer in 1967.I was adopted already, so I never met him !! Therefor I would be so happy if anyone knew anything about him !! I live in Norway (Skandinavien) so it is to far for me to start searching on my own down there....So I hope for help, and if there is some other site I need to go on, please let me know !! Tammy Woolsey
Posted By: Tammy Woolsey | email: tammy@live.no2/29/12

Hello, my father was abroad the USS Wright during operation Wigwam John C Autry or some may know him as Jake.he lives in Oneida TN.and would love to hear from anyone who served with him.423 286 6937 John W Autry
Posted By: John Autry | email: johnautry@hotmail.com2/29/12

hey guys, was on the wright from 68-decommissoning, mmfn, worked in the scullery, then went to the evaporator gang,under mmc jeffcoat, we did have some good times, tried to fergit the bad.
Posted By: Steve Oakes | email: oakessteve@hotmail.com2/24/12

My Father, Frederick A. Zajac, served on the USS Wright From 1950-54 in R divison. Looking for some old buddies of his to reminisce, especially Roy Engstrom from NJ. Please contact us at our email.
Posted By: Michelle Zajac-Breen | email: larrybreen@comcast.net2/23/12

I was a payclerk & on-board from '51-55. Hello to old shipmates. Maybe this will stimulate some S-1 Division people to communicate. Sorry it took me this long.
Posted By: John Sullivan | email: john944nc@aol.com2/13/12

It is with deep regret that I received a message from Jean Teito that Vince Teito sailed on his final voyage on January 19, 2012 after a long illness. Vince was a loyal member and loved by everyone that ever met him. May god rest his wonderful soul.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com2/5/12

Anyone from 3rd Division, 1967 through 1968 going to the reunion? Anyone remember Fred Bond, Bill North, Tom Strohl, Bill Stack, Bill Schoen, Bobby Carra from 3rd Division? I was a BM3 and remember a lot of good friends from that time. I've been in touch with Mike Gossett and Lonnie Bryant.
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net1/31/12

I have completed chemo for lymphoma and PET Scan shows no sign of tumors. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. See you in Jacksonville reunion Rusty Malcolm HM1 H-div. 53-54.
Posted By: Russell(Rusty) Malcolm,MD | email: annrustym@aol.com1/30/12

i am trying to find anyone who served with my dad - Jerry Aurigema- aboard USS Wright CLV49 around 1953-1955, some stories would be nice if you served with him
Posted By: Jerry Aurigema II | email: pearco28@gmail.com1/23/12

I spent the day with Bill Wilson MM today, he and his wife are doing good. They have very nice place outside Junction City Oregon
Posted By: Gary Coakley | email: gcoakley3@yahoo.com1/7/12

I served aboard USS WRIGHT CC-2 in late 68 to early 69 and transferred to USS COLUMBUS CG-12. While on board CC-2 cruised up and down east coast and Nova Scocia. Worked in spud locker once aboard, spent long time as yoeman to 1st class on mess decks, when I finally got to Communications division (cynsn) they had me polishing brass so transferred off the ship. Made 2 med cruises and 1 caribbean cruise before discharge as cyn3 in Dec 71.
Posted By: Richard Moulton | email: remoulton@hotmail.com1/5/12

Sadley my father Charles F. Mayberry passed away from 3 different types of cancer 12/8/11. He was a boatswain on the U.S.S. Wright from 47-57.
Posted By: Sonya Zurliene | email: sonyazurliene@sbcglobal.net1/2/12

Angela, we would like to extend our condolences. I served on the Wright '51 to '55. I may have known him. What division and job did he have? I was on the flight deck.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com12/23/11

Posted By: jim vincent | email: jimmar7@comcast.net12/22/11

I regret to inform you that crewman sailor Bill (William K) Sheridan passed away last week (December 7) from complications due to pulmonary fibrosis. Asbestos claims another victim, apparently. He was my father. He was 78. He served aboard the Wright from (est) 1952-1954.
Posted By: Angela Blair | email: angelab41@yahoo.com12/12/20

The Air Force confirmed Thursday that unclaimed remains of 274 U.S. service members were disposed of in a Virginia landfill check out the full story on NBC Nightly News first video makes me SICK and very PISSED of what is going on no matter what branch you are in .
Posted By: Tim | email: wimmper@msn.com10/25/65

My grandfather John Vados was a CW-04 Throttle man on the USS Wright AV-1 in the late 1930's-early 1940's including the Pearl Harbor attack. He's now 92 years old and living in Minneapolis, MN. If you were on the ship and knew John please forward me your contact info and I can do the same for him. He would love to talk to anybody on the ship during that time period. He just visted Pearl Harbor again with myself and his other grandchildren last December.
Posted By: Joe F | email: skeeterzx225@gmail.com12/5/11

I have a ball cap uss wright AV-1 1940-1944 with reunion pins from 1988 to 2000 if anyone is interested please contact me. at 904-651-3990
Posted By: Jeanne Bailey | email: jestme61@aol.com12/3/11

Dee Velasquez-Nenzel | email: This email addy doesn't work. Please correct as I would like to contact you. Thanks Bob
Posted By: Robert (Bob) Spinler | email: rspin@charter.net11/30/11

i am in possession of a brass tray, usually given as a departing gift, with the name H. H. Hunt, Ensign, (S.C.). I purchased this tray at a store located near Seattle several years ago. I am interested in returning this tray to the family if they are interested in recovering it. - However, we cannot find Ensign Hunt's family after hours of looking on the internet. The tray has USS Wright and a pair of Navy wings attached, along with Mr. Hunt's infomation. Cdr Patrick Curtis, retired
Posted By: Patrick Curtis | email: pjcurtis@yahoo.com11/27/11

My father, Carlton Engquist, served on the USS Wright and was for a long time an active participant in the reunion. I regret to inform those of you who served with him, that Carl died 7/07/11. His funeral is at Arlington Cemetery Old Post Chapel at 1:00 pm 11/17/11. My number is 202-329-8060.
Posted By: Gretchen Engquist | email: gengquist@burnshealthpolicy.com11/13/13

Rosemary, Jim,Jr., and Family. It's sad news to hear that JJ has sailed on to his Final Cruise. Barbie and I wish all his family sympathy and our prayers. JJ loved his shipmates, and did so much extra for all of us. He will be sincerely missed, as will the work he did for all of us. Barbara and Art Daniels, R Div. 1951-1955
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net11/10/11

JJ Jr. I did not know your Dad personally, but my thought and prayer is for you and your family as I read the post. I served on the USS Wright back in 49 to 52 and so many shipmates have passed on. I know it takes a lot of effort from fellows like your Dad, to try and keep the association going. Thanks for you commitment to carry on his work. William Yaeger M=Div.
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com11/8/11

It is with great sadness that I must inform the shipmates about the passing of my father, JJ O'Neill sr. He was valiant to the end. He was a man who was loved by those who knew him, and this is a time to remember him fondly and bridge the gap in our hearts that he left behind. His life enriched the life of so many others from all walks of life. He had a big heart and a personality that drew people toward him, it was easy to be his friend. I spent many hours with him working on this website - it was our way of having something to do together. I can tell you that he loved you all and always looked forward to the reunions. I will continue to keep this site going for him and as long as the USS Wright association wants me to. JJ O'Neill jr.
Posted By: JJ O'Neill jr. | email: gahighlander@hotmail.com11/8/11

I am looking for a picture of USS. Miss Wright that was my Mother. It would have been taken during the later part of WW II - under the name of Lois Collson or Collsen - or her married name of Lois Vascil. Thank you.
Posted By: Chris Vascil | email: jan.pickett@att.net10/4/11

i served aboard wright cc-2 from 1966-1967 PN3 would like to here from anyone i served with
Posted By: Eddie Ratcliffe | email: edratcliffe@yahoo.com9/29/11

Hey if anyone at the reunion went . I would like to get a reunion program or anything like that . Please email me and i will return the email A.S.A.P. is
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: wimmper@msn.com9/21/11

E-Div july 65 to Mar.70 The reunion starts tomorrow, I am traveling, and I don't have the Hotel name with me. Can someone give me a call, cell 612-306-6905. The e-mail is but I am not sure I will have access to e-mail. It wasn't on the web site. See you Tuesday evening. Maybe I can call the credit card company and see who got the money. Joe Gmitter
Posted By: Joseph Gmitter | email: joeasel@aol.om9/13/11

Just spoke with Rusty Malcome on the phone. He is responding to treatment and everyones prayers and is doing unexpectedly better. He plans on attending next yeats reunion. I will give a report of his condition at the reunion.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: 9/1/20

Are there any CVL sailors still around that served with Julius LaRosa? How many of you attended his performance in New York on the Arthur Godfrey Show?
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer, MD | email: wwolfmeyer@new.rr.com8/15/20

This to let everyone know that Russell L. Malcolm, MD wil not be attending this years reunion. I don't believe he missed one since the first one in 1987. Rusty is seriously ill and I ask you for your prayers for my best buddie.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer, MD | email: 8/15/20

My post was not SPAM!
Posted By: Karl Priest | email: kcpriest@aol.com8/14/11

Hello all just found out my dad was on board the USS Wright 6/27/42 with USMC No info on where she was heading.Any Help greatly appreciated. Thanks to you all who served. Never forgotten.
Posted By: Cindy Blackman | email: beachcindy@socal.rr.com8/9/11

Hello, I am trying to find out some information about my grandfather, Nelson M. Cooke. I have an ashtray with U.S.S. Wright on it and Asst. Comm. Officer N.M.Cooke. I also have other Navy paraphernalia. I do not know the dates he served in the Navy, and all those that would know have since passed away. He perhaps is better known for the books he authored and coauthored on mathematics and electronics. If anyone has any information about the time he spent on the Wright, I would be grateful. Thank you.
Posted By: Leslie Bading | email: Lbading@verizon.net8/9/11

Do any of you old timers who might read this have any pictures of the ship when we were in the North Atlantic in Nov. 1951. We had to go in the South Boston Yard for repairs. All the life rafts were stripped off up forward and several of the steel plates on the sides of the hanger deck were split. They had been buckling like pushing on an old time oil can. Any pctures of the ship at sea at time would be appreciated. William Yaeger M-Div. Jan. 49 to June 52
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com7/27/11

I am looking for John Rabbitt. We served aboard CVL-49 from 1953 thru 1954.
Posted By: Alfred Dolezal | email: chrisd1934@hotmail.com7/14/11

Aloha from Hawaii. I served aboard the USS Wright from 1965-1969 EM 2nd Class at the end. I have posted on this board under before. Sorry to say someone hacked my computer and sent out vulgar messages so I have changed my email and am much more careful with my pass word than I have been for the last 10 years. Who-da thunk someone would be interested in hacking into my computer to send junk out from my computer. My apologies to anyone other than Tom C that got one of those messages from my email address. Sorry Shipmates. Aloha from Hawaii. I moved here from Norfolk VA and now the reunion is gonna be at Norfolk. How about Hawaii next year. Aloha; Tommy & Nadine Holloman
Posted By: Tommy Holloman | email: TommySharpens@aol.com7/13/11

Hello former sailors from the USS Wright. Most of you won't remember me being on the USS Wright CC-2, as I worked up in the BOX as a computer specialist DP2. I was aboard from 1966-1969 and have some great memories now (sure as hell hated it then). More and more of the sailors from the CC2 are joining the Alumni Association and are turning up at our annual reunions. We have a ball for about a week, and it is addicting. Come on out and join the fun. Get in touch with our Membership Chairman, Joe Yurillo, and start getting our newsletters to keep you posted as to what is happening in our little organization. We are having a reunion in Norfolk this year, and the Crown Plaza from September 13-16. come on out and join the fun, we are going to talk about you whether you are there or not. Might as well be there and defend yourself.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com7/7/11

Hello to all! I was the Barber aboard the Wright-Not really sure of the years (66-68?)Went to Rio and of course became a shellback (I still have that diploma hanging in my little office with a picture of the CC2. The memory is not as good as before and only remember a few names---Ron landry stands out. Hope all is well and hope to have my memory refreshed with some mail. Bill
Posted By: Bill Schwab | email: schwab4801@charter.net7/3/11

I served on the CC-2 from Oct '66 to Oct '68 Ships Service SH3 USNR. Went to Uruguay and Rio and of course the Shell Back Ceremonies, Guantanamo, Cuba, Operational Readiness shake down in the Gulf, and all the great ports of call in the Caribbean and on the East coast. The "Ghost" of the East coast" was a great ship with a great history and served a great service as a Command Communications Ship during the "Cold War" years. Pre Satellite communications support with our sister ship USS Newport News. I would like to hear from any of my shipmates that remember our adventures together. Dick Nieberline, John Stroud, Jim Bond and all my "drinking buddies" Jim Zachary (ZACK)
Posted By: James Zachary | email: jim-zachary@att.net7/1/20

Hey anyone out here ever served on the USS WRIGHT CC-2 between 1963 - 1966. I am looking for anything about our ship here . Love to talk with anyone who has old photo's here of the ship or even articles of it also. Would love to find anyone with a roster of the softball team we had there I played in the left field . Does anyone know where all the trophies ever went to from the ship ? Hope to hear from anyone here . thanks Clinton F. Ryan BN/3 3rd 4th div. 63 - 69 UP-DATED 06/28/2011 have photo's of Softball Team and news paper clipping's of the adrmirals cup event. Anyone would like to see let me know...
Posted By: clinton ryan | email: bobcatboy09@yahoo.com6/28/20

Looking for any information on person or persons serving with Dave Raucci aboard the USS Wright. I know he served in the Navy from 1950 to 1957. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Danny T Andersson
Posted By: Danny Andersson | email: danny@babydax.nu6/25/11

Looking for any information on person or persons serving with Charles A. Wilds aboard the USS Wright. I know he served in the Navy from 1945 to 1949. He was a Coxswain (hope I spelled this right) and I believe he was at the wheel of the ship. Please correct me if I am wrong. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Ronald A. Wilds
Posted By: Ronald A. Wilds | email: wildwilds3@msn.com6/22/11

Was bm3 on Wright from 1965-1969 2nd div.
Posted By: Robert Johnston | email: Robertjohnston1948@gmail.com6/14/11

Hey Reunion Goers....the following site will give you info on the Wright Bros. National Memorial Park which is about 60 miles south of Norfolk on Rte 168. A great day tour for our free day. Lot's of interesting facts.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: SFCHagar@Yahoo.com6/10/11

Lloyd, just received the Directory and Membership List. I see that under "small stores" my address is wrong, no telephone number and no e-mail. Info is as follows: 77 N 8th St., Macclenny, FL 32063,, and my phone number is: 904 259-2575 or c: 386 697-1924. Please get the word out somehow to correct. Thanks.
Posted By: Don Horne | email: sfchagar@yahoo.com6/3/11

Just looking to see if there is anyone who remembers Bernard Cecil Griffith...and thanks for serving!!
Posted By: Pam Griffith | email: pamgramsmiles@gmail.com5/30/11

Posted By: raji raji | email: b.raji@11yahoo.com5/27/11

I just got this internet gizmo, would be interested in contacting with anyone remaining who served in the M-Div between Jan. 48 and June 52. I was at the Portmouth, MA reunion with Jack Joesph, Bob Opalka and Paul Tishler. They have all since past on. Bill Yaeger
Posted By: William Yaeger | email: willwright2011@hotmail.com5/24/11

Will I'm back posting a message to anyone that served on the Wright from sept 1968 to april 1970 I was in 4th Div
Posted By: William Allen | email: santaba01@insightbb.com5/22/20

Another one who just found this site. I was in the CN division as a CYN3 '66-68 operating teletypes. Onboard for the Punte de Estes and Rio cruise and of course "a shellback." I really enjoyed the comment about "Frantic Frank" Romano.
Posted By: John Howard | email: fllairmale@msn.com5/6/11

Lloyd Rueb has been in the hospital for a while with broncial pnemonia. He is in rehab right now, but having a tough time of recovering. Please say a little prayer for him tonight. Lloyd is a pillar in the current organization. He was a BT on the CVL-49. Don't forget his wife Alice in your prayers, as she is really going through a tough time right now.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com5/6/11

Art Daniels, a co-founder of this organization Is home from the hospital after undergoing open heart surgery.He is for the most part getting better. Keep him in your prayers JJ
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com4/28/11

I was on board From Feb 1966 to Sept 1967 in 2nd and 1st Div Got to make South American cruise
Posted By: Wayne Gierke | email: wgierke@aol.com1/10/11

Hey anyone out here ever served on the USS WRIGHT CC-2 between 1963 - 1966. I am looking for anything about our boat here . Love to talk with anyone who have old photo's here of the ship or even articles of it also. Would love to find anyone with a roster of the softball team we had there I played in the left field . Does anyone know where all the trophies ever went to from the ship ? Hope to hear from anyone here . thanks Clinton F. Ryan SN 3rd 4th div. 63 - 69
Posted By: CLINTON RYAN | email: bobcatboy09@yahoo.com4/8/11

Hi, my name is Dale Berry, I served on the USS Wright during 1954-1956..My rank was FA, I am currently a cancer surivivor, im still going strong and living with my wife in Oregon.
Posted By: Dale Berry | email: jockobr549@yahoo.com4/6/20

EM2 Served under Gabby EM1 in the Electrical Shop 1965 - 1969. Just wanted to send a big huge Aloha from Hawaii. Our working retirement home and business. If any of my old ship mates come visit Oahu drop me a line. I travel all over the Island of Oahu sharpening stuff and just enjoying the beauty of some of Gods best work. A local boy of 17 asked me one day what Hawaii stood for. I went to Google and in one of the old Hawaiian spiritual beliefs Hawaii stood for Heaven. I have a great time telling our visitors, Jesus is going to have to come to Heaven to take me to Heaven. Had a stint put in last year but I'm still alive & well shipmates. Alohaaaaa. Tommy
Posted By: Tom Holloman | email: crsaniv20y@aol.com3/31/11

on august 11 2010 William T. Johnsen passed away in Brooklyn New York
Posted By: stephen johnsen | email: reinbow507@aol.com3/27/11

I'm looking for a copy of "THE ANCHOR" from boot camp, San Diego, 1968, company 573 if anyone has one for sale, please contact me by E-Mail. Thanks, Lonnie Bryant
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com3/26/11

I just read what Ray Sheridan had to say about the great work that J.J. O'Neill did on that CD of the reunion in Pensacola 9/2010, I say a big AMEN to that, JJ continually does great work as our "WeB Master" and a great friend that I have known since the 40's, he and I served in the "Gas" Gang on the CVL-49, I was a "Wright" sailor from Spring of 1947 until September 1952 and very proud to have served with JJ during the time he served on the CVL-49. WOW the 40's, somebody around here is getting old. (:*)
Posted By: Steve Donnelly | email: scdonnelly@aol.com3/2/11

Checked aboard the Wright in 63 on the pre-com crew. was in the 4th deck Div til 65. We were the "Side Cleaners" and had the liberty boats & Gig. Left Seattle (JFK assassination),went through the Panama Canal @ GQ (up-rising started), Stuck in the mud @ NOB NORVA Army pier.. Lotsa memories but can't remember many Shipmates (BM1 Fiemster, BM2 Love & Shadown ?). If anyone remembers me (Jones'y).. Shoot me an E-mail ?
Posted By: Roger Jones | email: jonesr-r@sbcglobal.net3/1/11

I was aboard the USS Wright from 1948 to 1949. in the "B' division fireroom #3. Some of the names I can recall that I served with were Ed Noval BT1, Nello Latini, Bud Strand, Toby Cooney, J.J. Collins and remember when Julius (Al) La Rosa would sing at the smokers we had abord. I would like to hear from anyone who was aboard during this time
Posted By: Warren (Stub) Mundwiler | email: warrendm@sbcglobal.net2/28/11

was on board from march 63 to december 64. I was inthe oa divison as an ae-3 in avonics shop.would like to hear from guys from air dept. jim wilson from hu-2 would like to hear from you too. had some fun times remember the old crows nest? 3 peice country band?
Posted By: john berry | email: mberry609@aol.com2/24/11

was on the Wright from mid '69 until my discharge in Feb, '70...RM2 in communications shack...worked for Chief Rodreigez...think about Vox Imperii a lot. Great memories, and great crewmates.
Posted By: Graham Baker | email: graham@grahambaker.net2/16/11

I served on the Wright from jan.63 to jan.66.I worked in the transmitter room in the communications div.Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.some of the guys i knew,glenn ouchley,john shuck,cornman,rochford,sprinkle,bill bronstad,swannie.please contact.
Posted By: roger johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com2/12/11

To all of you that received the recent DVD of the Pensacola reunion.........I want to thank JJ O'Neill for the excellent work that he did in creating this gem for us. I may have misslead some to think that LLoyd Rueb did the creation, and I am sorry if I did so. LLoyd Rueb is the organization Secretary and newsletter editor. He took the pictures for us at the banquet, and forwarded them to JJ O'Neill. JJ in his ultimate wisdom, created the DVD and sent it to me. After reviewing the DVD I copied the disk and sent it to all that attended the reunion in Pensacola September 2010. JJ has been the anchor of our web page, and a dear friend of the organization for many years. I want to give credit where credit is due. Thanks again JJ for the excellent work, and I hope to enjoy your friendship for many more years to come.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com2/9/11

Just a note to express my sympathy to the Torda family, his family and friends. Les Torda was a great shipmate and friend, he will be sorely missed. For those of you that don't know me, I was an Airdale on the CVL-49 from 1947 to September 1952 five and a half years in the Gas and Ordnance Gang V-3 Division.
Posted By: Steve Donnelly | email: scdonnelly@aol.com2/9/11

Hey shipmates... i was on the wright from68 to 70 in A gang.. i have found the WOP from A gang and i,m looking for more old shipmates???
Posted By: Douglas Rieden | email: srpackrat49@comcast.net2/7/11

I am Gary Coakley, I was aboard 1963-1966, from Van,WA to Norfork, What a trip President Kennedy killed as we prepared to leave, Panama Canal, space shuttle, storm and than we get to Norfolk and it snows. I was in M Div. Main Engine rm and triple stage evaporater room operator, Oh yes New York was fun too My best to all
Posted By: GARY Coakley | email: gcoakley3@yahoo.com2/2/11

My name is Steve Groce.I served aboard USS Wright CC-2 from May 66-Aug.69 .I was in M-Division as an MM-2. Sure had some good times.
Posted By: Steve Groce | email: sgroce64@yahoo.com2/1/11

O?DELL, Jackson, Jr., age 90, of Tellico Plains, passed away 1:15 P.M. Monday, January 24, 2011 at his home. Preceded in death by son J.C. O?Dell, parents Jackson O?Dell Sr. and Myrtle O?Dell, sisters Hazel Headrick, June Moore, Cora Henry and Lucy O?Dell. A prominent farmer in Tellico Plains, member of River of Life Church, Tellico Plains, retired from ALCOA after 42 years, veteran of U.S. Navy serving in World War II on the USS Wright in the South Pacific which was renamed in 1945 to the USS San Clemante. Survivors-Wife: DeLois Key O?Dell, Daughter: Brenda O?Dell, Madisonville, Son & daughters-in-law: Calvin David & Karen O?Dell, Knoxville, Lois O?Dell, Madisonville, 5 Grandchildren, 4 Great Grandchildren and 1 expected in May, Sister & brothers-in-law: Annie & Junior Presley, Ohio, Jim Henry, Maryville, Brother & sister-in-law: Henry & Pearl O?Dell, Vidor, Texas, Several nieces & nephews. Funeral 8:00 P.M. Thursday, Biereley-Hale Chapel, Rev. Wayne Trentham and Rev. Mickey Payne officiating. Interment 1:00 P.M. Friday, Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Blount County with military honors. Family will receive friends 6-8 P.M. Thursday at Biereley-Hale Funeral Home, Madisonville
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com1/30/11

I have plenty of the Vox Imperiali patches in small stores if anyone wants one. also the alumni organization patches and patch for shoulder.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com1/29/20

Anyone still have the old USS WRIGHT "Vox Imperial" patch, the white one with gold trim with red stripes and the eagle holding the lighten bolts they want to sell? E-mail me with a price,I'll pay postage also.
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com1/28/11

M name is CS2 Frank Waldron, served aboard CC2 1966 - 1970 S2 division. Love to hear from anyone serving at the same time espeacially Todd C. Rebuck.
Posted By: Frank Waldron | email: lfwaldron@aol.com1/26/11

I served from april 1968 to octobor 1969 I am from Detroit Mighigan on the deck force would like to here from some of my old friends.
Posted By: Phillip Serpetti | email: prserpe@gmail.com1/24/11

Sorry about that date I just posted, I was at little Creek Va., ships landing party school in November of 1969,NOT 1968 Sorry about that cranial/rectal inversion. Anyone else there at that time?
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com1/21/11

Just curious, did anyone else from the Wright CC-2 attend the ships landing party training at little creek Va. in 1968 besides me?
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com1/21/11

James, do you have any of the picture/booklets from the 2008 reunion? Happy to pay shipping etc. John
Posted By: john gwyn | email: john.gwyn46@gmail.com11/17/11

James, I sent you two pics. I can not find my name on the roster to upload myself. any suggestions? Thanks John
Posted By: john gwyn | email: jown.gwyn46@gmail.com1/17/11

This is to let you know that Les Torda passed away December 2, 2010 from Acute Leukemia, which took him very quickly. He passed away quietly and with dignity as only Les would. He was a wonderful husband and friend and is terribly missed by me and his friends and loved ones. My best to you, His wife, Anne M. Torda
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com1/17/11

My name is John Gwyn, I worked for Chaplin A.M. Neal and Chaplin Dorsey. 1968-1970 USS Wright. I would love pictures. If anyone remembers me I would love to chat. Chaplin's Yeoman, John A. Gwyn SN
Posted By: John Gwyn | email: John.gwyn46@gmail.com1/16/11

I would like to know if anyone could remember or know about the flight crew from hc-4 helicopter sq. out of nas lakehurst nj.I was station aboard uss wright, and uss north hampton. I spend 2 wks. on the wright and 2wks on the hampton the yr. was 1964 hope to here from someone. we call the mission crossdecking. it was a 3 month dudy
Posted By: jimmy wilson | email: jimmywlsn@yahoo.com1/10/11

To all shipmates that served aboard the USS Wright CC-2 From our family to yours, may each of you have a very happy new year and always have the wind at your back, solid ground under your feet and God in your heart. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com12/31/10

My father served aboard the USS San Clemente from 1943 till 1945 I have long wandered about his time aboard. He told me stories during the time he served and was very proud of his ship. Some stories I remember was during the time the ship was in Shangi China. If any one has photo's of this time period I would like to see or here from anyone who served aboard this ship. My son also served in the Navy and would like to know more about his grandfathers ship. Thanks you.
Posted By: Danny Hix | email: dannyhix87@windstream.net12/27/10

Hi, I'm Jim Martin, I served aboard the Wright from April 1963 to July of 1966. I was a Quartermaster E-4, and served with some great guys, Jules Vitte, Steve Poffel, John Evans, and some other great guys. Was on the Wright my entire enlisment except for som TAD on the USS Lafey DD-724.
Posted By: Jim Martin | email: jimmartinwa@comcast.net12/24/10

My grandfather John Vados was a CW-04 Throttle man on the USS Wright AV-1 in the late 1930's-early 1940's. He's now 91 years old and living in Minneapolis, MN. If you were on the ship and knew John please forward me your contact info and I can do the same for him. He would love to talk to anybody on the ship during that time period. He just visted Pearl Harbor with myself and his other grandchildren this past week!
Posted By: Joe F | email: skeeterzx225@gmail.com12/22/10

I have recently purchased at an auction an trunk of belongings as well as paperwork and a picture scrapbook belonging to Martin A Maxwell Included was a Booklet dated 1936 "Crossing the Line - The USS Wright- The Navy's Champion Wanderer" Anyone know anything about this comical ceremony? ~Gabi or
Posted By: Gabi Gealbhain an Ruadh | email: gabiappinelli@live.com12/21/10

Merry Christmas to all the Wright guys who served on the Wright ship. I served on the Wright from 1966 to 1968, and with all that was going on in the world at that time, I was on the Wright at the "wRIGHT Time".Bravo Zulu to all and to all a good night
Posted By: Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads DC3 | email: grhoads2@cox.net12/20/10

Bravitt Manley Sr. PORTSMOUTH - Retired Chief Petty Officer Bravitt Manley Sr. of Avondale Road, passed Nov. 23, 2010. He served his country for 21 years in the United States Navy and retired in 1964. with the family at www.wmjohnsonandsons. com.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com12/15/10

Does anyone have a ships roster with the names of those of us that served on the USS Wright CC-2 from 1968 to 1970 or does anyone know where I could get one? I would love to have ANYTHING pertaining to the Wright CC-2 that could be sent by E-mail or by mail. I would gladly pay for it and shipping. Merry Christmas to all... Lonnie Bryant
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com12/7/10

I have tried several times to download the application for membership and cannot get it to work. Can someone please send me an application to my E-mail address and also the ID badge? Thanks... Also Merry Christmas to all the old salts that served aboard the Wright and may God bless each of you.
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com12/7/10

I just received word that Browitt C. Manley U.S.N GMGC passed away November 23, 2010. He spent a total of 7 years aboard the USS Wright, and will definatly will be missed by his former shipmates and friends. May he have smooth sailing.......forever.
Posted By: Ray Sheridan | email: ray.sheridan@juno.com12/9/10

Some of you have tried to contact me and I'm sorry you couldn't get through. Here is my E-mail address and home address. Please try one of these... Lonnie Bryant 231 Hughes St. Seneca South Carolina 29672
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com12/6/10

Lonnie Bryant T tried e-mailing you about the asbestos on the USS Wright but I could not get thru. E-mail me at I was DC3 and put some of the lagging on the pipes were you worked
Posted By: Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads | email: grhoads2@cox.net12/1/10

My name is Lonnie Bryant. I served aboard the Wright from 1968 to 1970 and was assigned to 3rd division as a boatswain mate, under Correll, BM-1 and Captian Thronhill was the Captian of her then. My job was in the incinerator and paint chipping (surprise) in the hanger bay and everywhere else they assigned us. I have been advised that I have lung cancer and I plan to file a VA claim about the asbestos exposure I was working with around the pipes, voids and incinerator. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same claim and could you send me their names so I can submitt them to the VA as more proof.
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonniebryant@yahoo.com11/30/10

I served aboard the USS Wright CC-2 from 1969 to 1970 in 3rd division. I often wonder what happened to the guy's in 3rd division. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer and the VA has been extremely good to me here in South Carolina with treatments and medication. I was wondering if anyone else aboard the Wright has the same problems as I do so I can talk to them. I have filed a claim with the VA and I need to send "more proof" they say so any one that could help me, please write me and let me know.I didn't know the Wright had it's own web site until today. I would love to hear from any of you "OLD SALTS" again especially from 3rd division. Corell BM-1, Joe Stabil, Marty Studnutz, Varney, from West "By God" VA, Thedor Boharra, and the rest of the "hearts player" gang
Posted By: Lonnie Bryant | email: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com11/29/10

I was sent to the USS Wright out of boot camp (1968)as an Aviation Electricans Mate to find out upon my arrival that the ship had no planes, go figure. Spent the first few months on the Master at Arms force until I was lucky enough to be recruited by the Disbursing office where I worked until being transfered to the USS Kansas City (AOR-3). I was dicharged in 1972 as a DK2.
Posted By: Michael Geletej | email: michael.geletej@yahoo.com11/27/10

With an aviation rating I was a member of the ships company and was assigned to the aviation metal shop alongside the aft elevator on the hangar level. This was from the beginning of 1951 thru the end of 1953, just befor a tour to the South China Sea. Can you tell me how I can acquire one of the jacket patches. PS I live in New Jersey...
Posted By: James F Vincent | email: jimmar7@verizon.net11/21/10

I served on the USS Saipan CVL-48 1951-54 and was surfing our association and saw a message from Ray Sheridan asking our association President to call him. I don't know if did but I did notice the area code number is the same as mine. I further checked out your list of association officers and found out he lives in the same city (Arlington, TX) as I do. Probably within a couple of miles. I will give him a call. I was a YN3 in the air office and also worked in Pri-fly with the air boss during flight operations.
Posted By: Bob Beaton | email: rrbeaton@aol.com11/13/20

In loving memory of George Gayle Gagnon 2nd Class Engine-man: Diesel mechanic Served USN May 25, 1944 until 1950 CVL-49
Posted By: Richard Gagnon | email: gagnoninindy@aol.com11/13/10

In Loving Memory of Walter P. Howard, Jr. 05-28-1928 - 12-28-2006
Posted By: Patricia Howard | email: howardpatricia418@gmail.com11/11/10

I server on board the Wright as a photographer fro 1967-69 and have some pictures of activities and events during that time. Who can I talk with about these pictures.. Thank you Mike Fistere
Posted By: mike fistere | email: 88michael@verizon.net11/11/10

Happy Veterans Day-to all the Wright Guys, who served on the Wright Ship and I hope at the Wright Time.Bravo Zulo Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads DC3 R Div.
Posted By: Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads | email: grhoads2@cox.net11/11/10

Happy Veterans Day to all the Wright Guys, who Served on the Wright Ship and I hope at the Wright time. Bravo Zulo to all.
Posted By: Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads | email: 11/11/10

I was on the USS Wright from 1966 -1967. "Bravo Zulu" was the Captain and Reed Brown was the supply officer. I worked in supply and hope some of the following co-workers read this and get in contact with me. Joe Beste, "Lewd" Ed Wilmott, Bill Cass, Dave Kohlmeinen, Jerry Hupp and the "Notorious" Stanko twins. We all became shellbacks on the trip to South America in 1967.
Posted By: Pat Erwin | email: erwinp_1999@yahoo.com11/8/10

Does anyone remember my Dad, Charles F. Wernette? He served aboard the U.S.S. Wright, 1939 - 1945. I would appreciate hearing from you and would forward any messages or phone number to Dad. Thank you.
Posted By: Jean Wernette | email: jeanwernette@cox.net11/1/10

Imy, Jill, Jeanie and Jana. It saddens us to hear of Mac's passing. He was of the best, and most sincere member of the USS Wright Association. Like you, all of us will miss his friendship, and his photography of the ship and the photos and DVDs he made available for us at the reunions.
Posted By: Barbie & Art Daniels | email: k1gti@verizon.net10/30/10

Just a quick note to tell Wright vets that Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes, Delaware, the site of Fort Miles and two of the tropo antennas used to communicate with you during the NECPA program, has not forgotten your service. As we prepare to construct a museum of Fort Miles' history, we intend to make the NECPA story part of our interpretation and exhibits. We would love to hear from vets who may have taken photos of the Cape shoreline that we might use for these exhibits. We're also looking for confirmation that the Triton or other subs may have been a part of your mission --if you don't have to kill us after you tell us!! Thank you all for your Cold War-era service!
Posted By: George Contant | email: 33dny@comcast.net10/26/10

Thank you all for the great times we shared with Mac at the USS Wright reunions. One of the great joys he had was sharing old and new photos with all of you. We miss him dearly and are grateful that he had the opportunity to reconnect with so many of you. Imy, Jill, Jeanie and Jana
Posted By: Jill Keener | email: jak1248@comcast.net10/26/10

Does anyone remember my husband, Nortimer Dantzler(Dan) who servered on the Wright in the early 1950's? He is deceased and We never asked him much about his service. I have pictures of him with some of his "buddies".
Posted By: Jessie Heizer | email: jheizer1@nc.rr.com10/25/10

+Shipmate James E McIntruff passed away at 3:15 AM 10/24/10 at St Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta Georgia. At Mac's request, there will not be any services. Mac loved this organization and took most of the pictures that were in the memory books. He will be
Posted By: James J . O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com10/24/10

I was married to Ernest (Ernie) C. Velasquez when he served on the USS WRIGHT after coming back from Vietnam in 1968-69. We have now been divorced 31 yrs but I have fond memories of those days. There were three guy in particular that I remember being there when our daughter was born but we lost touch over the years. Clifton Isreal (with who I have never lost touch), Aubrey Smith (I believe was from GA) and a guy whose last name was Smith and they called him SMITTY. Ernie now lives in TX and I live in FL. Would love to make contact again with Aubrey or Smitty. Thank you.
Posted By: Dee Velasquez-Nenzel | email: dnenzel1@yahoo.com10/22/10

Does anybody have any pics of the ship in mothballs at the phily nb
Posted By: James Bero | email: jimmyb4213@live.com10/17/10

Just a notice that Frank Lamers, S Division, USS Wright CVL-49 1951-1955 died Oct. 14, 2010. Married wife Patricia on August 29, 1955. Survived by wife and 9 children.
Posted By: Waldemar Wolfmeyer | email: 10/15/10

my dad bernard engelkins of fulton,ill.was on the uss wright from 1944-1946.he was a seaman second class and was wondering if anyone knew of him? i am his son steve.
Posted By: Steve Engelkins | email: saengelkins@hughes.net9/26/10

Information only.. I posted a mesage a week ago and had a computer failiar. I beleive JJO'Neil replayed with a note about some Pictures I lost his address could yousend me a new one for me to forward some pictures.. Martin (Dave) Davidson Thank You.
Posted By: Martin Davidson | email: Mjdave@elknet.net9/25/10

Information only.. I posted a mesage a week ago and had a computer failiar. I beleive JJO'Neil replayed with a note about some Pictures I lost his address could yousend me a new one for me to forward some pictures.. Martin (Dave) Davidson Thank You.
Posted By: Martin Davidson | email: Mjdave@elknet.net9/25/10

Does anyone remember a Jack L Kelty? I am one of his nephews and would like to know what he was like in the force and what he went threw? He died when I was 21 ( 1982) Just trying to get more info. Thank you. Steve
Posted By: Steve Kelty | email: stevekelty1993@yahoo.com9/24/10

I served abord the Wright 1951 to 1954 in the after elevator pump room with Clifford Whitrock and Irwin (JO) Kranes I am intrested in locating both of these Wright Sailors. Clifford last addtess was in Illinois and Jo Kranes was in New York. I still live in Wisconsin. Thank you for this service. Martin (Dave) Davidson.
Posted By: Martin Davidson (Dave) | email: Mjdave@elknet.net9/19/10

Looking for anyone who was in or remembers anyone from 3rd Division between October 1966 to October 1968. I was a BM3 and I'm looking for my old friends.
Posted By: Robert Herndon | email: rherndon@marktwain.net9/7/10

I was aboard the Uss Wright for about a year. We went to Canada, New York City, New Jersey, Ft Lauderdale. This would be 1968 to 1970. I was COMDESRON 21 (decomishing work preservation group. My memory is not as good as it should be and would like to hear from those aboard with me.
Posted By: Ray Carlson | email: ke5lul@yahoo.com9/6/10

Does anybody remember Robertson's Cleaners, The drivers name was Bill Robertson and from 1966 till 1968 that was the cleaner who would come to the ship and get our Uniforms.Ole Bill would sometimes give us a ride in the laundry truck down Hampton Blvd to Norfolk. Saved a lot a time and money avoiding cab and bus fare
Posted By: Jerry (Dusty) Rhoads | email: grhoas2@cox.net6/28/10

I served on the Wright from Jan 1966 to Nov. 1968. Straight from Boot Camp- I was assigned as a mess cook in the Chiefs Mess I worked with a fellow mess cook Craig Warburton, a fellow named Charlie Brown a 2nd class was in charge of me and Craig. I later transfered to R Division as a DC Man. I worked with Dave Martin, Dale Simmons, Rudland, and Merdick. I remember Chief Vincent, Chief Silva, Mr. Newton and Mr. Richards. I will never forget The trip to Rio
Posted By: jerry( Dusty) Rhoads | email: grhoads2@cox.net8/25/10

Posted By: thomas michler | email: tjmichler@ptd.net8/24/10

I'm looking for Charles H Clark (Chief Damage Control in the early 1950's).
Posted By: Bill Bechtel | email: billilly8@gmail.com8/22/10

Sorry i"ll change it . I said the USS WRIGHT went to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was aboard the USS NEWPORT NEWS Ca-148 when we had liberty there in Jamaica.
Posted By: Michael Paganelli | email: 8/18/10

I worked at AT&T in Norfolk and provided land lines to both ships as from 1963 until they were retired. It was a great mystery back then and we enjoyed serving the communication needs very much! I would love to have seen some of the gear, especially one time when I was called and completely fooled into thinking the ship called on a land line!
Posted By: Wilson Garland | email: wilson.garland@verizon.net8/17/10

I am looking for Tom Hawkins BT1. He was on board 1964-1965 and was in #2 fireroom
Posted By: Daryl Stanley | email: desert6282@aol.com7/30/20

I'm looking for John Luers
Posted By: Emmett Cook | email: mamajopope@yahoo.com7/26/20

I served from Sept 1968 to April 1970 and would like to get in touch with Sherm,Tibedeau,Crowley, Green, McIntire,I was in Division 4 If any of you know of them please let me know
Posted By: Bill Allen | email: santaba01@insightbb.com7/25/10

My uncle served on the Uss Wright His name was Earl Leland Mattox
Posted By: Kristine Stephens | email: kristie1957@yahoo.com6/19/10

I would like to locate THOMAS (TOM) KAPELLA who served aboard the USS WRIGHT in the mid sixties. Tom was a DK and was probabaly a Chief or Senior Chief. We served aboard the USS PERKINS (DD/DDR-877) together in the early sixties. GLEN BROXSON, SKCS RET.
Posted By: GLEN BROXSON | email: glenbroxson@aol.com6/14/10

HI jj is there any body out there from v-3 gas from 51to54.Did not get a chance to see this winter when we were in florida.Maybe next year. (Squid) Jim McGlynn
Posted By: Jim McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net5/8/10

Hi - Does anyone knopw if there was a patch for the prewar VT-9, and what it looked like, or even a picture of it? So far no joy with google, or the Tailhook Assn. Thanks, David
Posted By: David O'Donoghue | email: bomberodavid@aol,com4/26/10

Posted By: Jim (Robbie) Robison | email: jrobi22@comcast.net4/15/10

FTG-3, served 64-65 before going to west coast. Enjoyed the ship and crew. Had fun shooting the 40's.
Posted By: Jan Hanson | email: jahanson@prtel.com4/11/10

RM3 served on Wright CC2-Sep66-may69. Many good memories but wanted out real bad at the time. Hope all "Wright Brothers" doing fine. Give me a hello if you remember these years. Alot has taken place since then. Saw the ship in moth balls in Philly and then recently found she was in "melt down" sad!
Posted By: Tom Cangelo | email: tcangelo@yahoo.com4/7/10

We just received word that Shipmate Jim Fahy BT 2, CVL 49, B Division, 1946 to 1948,Sadly, succumbed to Leukemia. A Good Husband, Father, and Shipmate. Rest in peace, your work is done
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com3/19/10

IC 3, assigned to OPCON (The Box) and Secure Telephone. Dan Mckelvey and I maintained anything related to IC in the secure area. Aboard 1968 till 1970 Decommissioning. I have a PDF file containing a copy of USS Wright CC-2 Blueprints. Email me if you would like a copy.
Posted By: Tom Ramsey | email: tpramsey@windstream.net3/14/10

I was assigned to Marine detachment in late 68 - 69. We docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia for some big "To DO", does anybody remember event and date? Thanks, Bill Wright
Posted By: bill wright | email: willowbend@wildblue.net3/1/20

I was aboard Aug 65 to Sept 66 as RM1 Tech Control supervisor. Chief Purvis, Miles, What was the comm officer name LT Bob Woodward????
Posted By: Loren Dudley | email: 2/22/10

To Fred Beckley B Division. I remember you and lalicker as I served abord from early 65 to 67.worked No.3 Fireroom with Giler Bt1, David Earle Bt2, Adkins BT3. Email or call me . My info is listed in crews list.
Posted By: larry Daly | email: Captflameo@aol.com2/10/14

I was also part of the original crew of the wright.i came aboard on early jan of 62 and served until jan of 66(4 month extension because of viet nam).Please,any of my old shipmates that remember me please contact me.I remember schreiber,ridgeway,shuck,cornman,sprinkle,rockford to name a me and let's talk.
Posted By: Roger Johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com1/26/10

just found this today.glad to see that some rm's from 62 thru 66 have posted messages.i plan on joining and hope some of my old shipmates will write to nickname was "hokie" and i worked in the transmitter shack my entire time on the Wright.I knew john sprinkle and was saddened to hear that he had passed.please contact me as i would very much like to be at the next reunion.hope to hear from some of my shipmates
Posted By: Roger Johnson | email: rkjgolfer@yahoo.com1/22/09

Looking for anybody that may have known my father Gordon Filer, he served on the USS. Wright from approx. 1942 through 1945. Or does anybody know of a ship roster from those same years?
Posted By: Greg Filer | email: Greg0957@aol.com1/9/10

I served on USS Wright CC2 from august 1965 to Sept. 1967. I was an RM3 in the CR2 division. I remember crossing the equater in 1967 on our way to Uraguy for the LBJ conference and then going to RIO for a week. What a blast that was.
Posted By: Ed Lewandowski | email: ed.lewandowski@sodexo.com12/31/09

Aloha and Merry Christmas Shipmates from Makaha Hawaii. Served USS Wright CC2 from 1965 - 1969. Electrician Mate Em2 DAV Cancer. Wasn't supposed to see 23 now I'm 63. Far Out!
Posted By: Tommy Holloman | email: crsaniv20y@aol.com12/23/09

I just want to wish all my shipmates a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from Frank and Marie
Posted By: Frank Kozlowski | email: kozlowskifrank@yahoo.com12/21/09

looking for m. lalicker around 1967ish, B div.
Posted By: fred beckley | email: junkemail0126@comcast.net12/19/09

I have the sad duty to inform the membershipof the passing of Terrill F Beddingfield. He battled colon cancer for seven years. He was a CVL 49 Sailor, O/I Division, His rating was SO 2. He made the Wigwam cruise.
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com12/9/09

Gentlemen; It is with great sorrow that I must tell you of the passing of yet another of your shipmates. My Father, William J. Blinn, passed from this life at 1:10 a.m. on the morning of 12/5/09. He had been in Arl. Memorial hospital since last Wednesday for an infection. A funeral Mass will be said on Friday, 12/11/09 at St. Maria Gorretti Church in Arlington, TX, at 10:00 a.m. Once he found out about your reunions, he didn't miss a one. He looked forward to it all year. I am, his eldest son, Gary William Blinn.
Posted By: Gary Blinn | email: gblinn@tx.rr.com12/7/09

I am searching for any information regarding my father's service on the USS Wright AV-1. He served on the Wright from 1935 until 1938. My father is now 92 years old, alive and well and would like to hear from anyone from this era, especially anyone who may have known him. My father is Bernard "George" Mulson. He arrived in San Diego aboard the USS Chaumont from Norfolk and reported to the USS Wright CV-1 on Thanksgiving Day 1935. He was 18 years old. Dad was in the 1st Division Deck Force. Louis Hoetzel Boatsmate 1st Class was in charge. Some of his shipmates were "Sterny" Sternberg, Myron "Andy" Anderson, "Red" Lyons, "Smitty" Smith, "Stink Weed", "Mac" McQueen, and Joe Paisley. Later, he went from the 1st Division to be sternhook of the Admiral's Barge. He liked this job. Fred "Red" Youngblood BM 1/c was coxswain of the Barge. "Reds" kid brother, Marvin "Junior" Youngblood was the Bowhook. "Stink" Weed Machinist Mate 2/c was the enginieer. Marvin and my Dad were Seaman 1/c. My father recalls his team aboard the Wright like it was yesterday and says he grew up there and it was his home for 3 years. When the Flag transferred to the USS Memphis, Dad went with it. My father just recently found out about the USS Wright Association and was thrilled to read some of the posted entries. One of the entries mentioned a man named John Joseph Kaiser in 1934 at age 36. He remembered that he would stand wheel watches with a man named Kaiser and wondered if it was the sam
Posted By: Kathy Giebitz | email: kgiebitz@aol.com11/14/09

Went aboard CC-2 in 1969 RM1 Was part of the decomission crew in 1970 Portsmouht Va Was advanced to CPO 2 months after departing, aboard the USS Shenandoah in Malta
Posted By: Howard Breeding | email: stanrmc@aol.com11/14/09

I was on board from 1964-1968 came on board right out of boot camp. I remember Perkins in charge of the sheet metal shop any one remember Speedy, Baily, Ed (Ski) DC shop was Jim Bero,Jim Barker, Dave Martin Merridick. Pipe shop Grahm was incharge Yurko and Sisk.
Posted By: Jim Pontier | email: jim52yo@yahoo.com11/13/09

Happy Veterans Day! I was on board the U.S.S.Wright CC-2 from July 1965 to July 1967. I was a DP3 during that time. I was kid but I have some wonderful memories aboard the Wright.
Posted By: Richard Brindley | email: rbrindley@att.com11/11/09

I was on C-22 August 66- Feb. 69 in the OI division. Looking for John Rodriguez and W.D. Jarrett and A.J. Stephens
Posted By: bernard howard | email: beh1155@earthlink.net11/21/09

Posted By: Carlene Boyle | email: sea2sand@hotmail.com10/18/09

My husband is Andrew J. Roy. He served on the Wright from '62 to '66. He passed away 8-15-95. I have the information of his: pictures, names of the sailors who served with him, and more. If anyone is interested email me. Thanks, Bonnie
Posted By: Bonnie Roy | email: bonniroy@charter.net10/17/09

I was on the original crew of the CC-2. Does anybody still have the list we were given for the pre-com crew. I was with the radio division and ran crypt office. I had my own separate little room. If so scan me a copy Donny
Posted By: Donald Schreiber | email: donaldschreiber21@yahoo.com9/29/09

Jim Bero, The Lt was Newton not Newman. I came aboard sometime in 1967 as a fireman (E3). Had to work in the Chief's Mess before I came to "R" Divison. The Chief Master at Arms was pretty strickt, but I got along with him OK. The only thing I can remember about his name was they called him "Doc", I think. I was in the sheet metal gang. Barminski and Schlappi <<(spelling?) were in the pipe fitters gang if my memory serves me correctly. Barminski is now deceased. 1st class PO (E6)by name of Perkins was in charge. He later made chief then warrant officer. He was from West Virginia from what I remember. Bald headed 2nd class PO by name of Yurko was in sheet metal. Carl was his first name I believe. We also had a black 2nd class PO, but can't remember his name. He was kind of short and stocky. real nice guy and a good Petty Officer. There were some others in the DC gang, but can't remember their names. I finally made 2nd class before getting out in February 1968. I was fire team leader for repair party #4. Retired Civillian law Enforcement 30 1/2 years. Retired MSgt.(E7)US Air Force Reserves 19 years. Terry Newman SFM2
Posted By: Terry Newman | email: lilvalleyacres@hughes.net9/22/09

I was aboard 65 threw 67 in R div. Dc 3 made the Rio trip.Looking for any old mates from R div. Ski from NY, Pontiar from Pitts. Stockman from Ohio even LT> Newman, remember me, I was newmans bad boy
Posted By: James Bero | email: jimmyb4213@live.com9/12/09

I served aboard the WRIGHT CVL-49 from February of 1947 to September of 1952 in V-3 Division, today I learned of the passing of George N. Bartlett from Ray Sheridan, George Bartlett was also in the V-3 Division, he was a friend and even though I had not seen him in years he will be missed. My sincerest sympathy and condolences go out to his family and friends.
Posted By: Steve Donnelly | email: scdonnelly@aol.com9/6/09

trying to contact a charles kowalski who served anboard the wright from 1968 to 1970.if someone has an e-mail address or contact information it would be appreciated. thanks joe
Posted By: joseph ferretti | email: joe.ferretti@verizon.net9/6/09

George Noah Bartlett Jr Mr. George Noah Bartlett Jr., 77, of Dalton, departed this life Saturday evening, Aug. 8, 2009, at the local hospital. George was born March 19,1932, in Pawtucket, R.I., to the late George Noah Bartlett Sr. and Rachel Sanderson Bartlett. He was also preceded in death by his brothers, Terrance Bartlett and Robert Bartlett. He is survived by his loving wife of 33 years, Barbara Teresin Bartlett; daughters and son-in-law, Kimberly and Bob Foster, North Attleboro Mass., Debbie Jette, Attleboro, Mass.; daughter and son-in-law by marriage, Marcy and Rex Quarles, Dalton; brother and sister-in-law, John and Janet Bartlett, East Providence R.I.; six grandchildren, Charles Jette, Jenny Jette, Emma Jette, Sarah Bonome, Christina Bonome and Elliott Quarles. Mr. Bartlett served his country in the U.S. Navy on Aircraft Carrier USS Wright. Mr. Bartlett was a bio medical engineer with the Veterans Administration. He was on the ground floor in developing bio medical equipment used today throughout the United States. He traveled extensively throughout his career. He lived in Gallup, N.M., at the Navajo Reservation (working as a bio medical engineer where he was also a facilities manager); Keams Canyon, Ariz., with the Hopi Indians at the Indian Medical center; and Anchorage, Alaska, at the Alaska Native Hospital. Mr Bartlett and his wife, Barbara, enjoyed travel throughout their marriage. Messages may be sent to the Bartlett family at A M
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com8/23/09

It is my sad duty to inform all who knew George N Bartlett that he past away Saturday August 8, 2009. He spent many hours speaking of his buddies and time spent on uss wright
Posted By: barbara bartlett | email: mamabarb07yahoo.com8/17/09

Hi Everyone, We want you to know how much we appreciate your thoughts and prayers, they definitely made a difference. Our Dad had his chest closed on Monday, only two weeks behind schedule but it's now closed. This was a major milestone in his recovery from the surgery. As we were telling you before, he was retaining fluids and because of that they couldn't close his chest. Last night after they had closed him up the surgeon talked to us and told what a tough old guy he is. He said that at 81 our Dad pretty much survived all that had happened on just pure personal toughness. He said most would not have. We are all very thankful. They are now starting to wean him off the ventilator and meds to get him out of the ICU and into the Critical Care Unit. When that happens we think we'll start having visitors for him other than just immediate family. Right now we are thinking that will be about a week or so but it just depends on how fast he builds his strength, gets off the ventilator and all the other support systems they use in the ICU. We'll continue the updates on how he is doing. Thank you again for all the kind thoughts and the prayers. We have never been an overly religious family, but we know the prayers have made a difference. Thank you. Bruce, Mark, and Jennie
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com8/5/09

I found out John Sprinkle one of the original crew from the cc-2 passed. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer. Sprinkle, Fod, Schreiber, Newton, and Cornman were all part of the group. Donald Schreiber
Posted By: Donald Schreibrt | email: donaldschreiber21@yahoo.com8/22/19

Shipmate Frank Baillie underwent extensive heart surgery on o7/20/09. The operation went well, but complications set in. Please keep him in your prayers. Bill Blinn Chaplin
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com7/24/09

It is my sad duty to inform the membership, that a CVL 49 shipmate, Keen Ahner has gone on permanent station on 06/22/09. Our deepest sympathy to his family. It has been an honor to have known him, but a greater honor to have sailed with him. USS Wright Association
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com7/10/09

I served on the USS Wright during the de-commissioning stage in Newport. If memory serves me well (difficult at my age) it was late 1969 thru early 1970. Word was that President Nixon told the Navy that there wasn?t any way he was going to sea during a National Emergency, that he'd take his chances on Air Force One. I remember seeing the Presidential Suite ? impressive!
Posted By: Larry Melton | email: lmelton@consolidated.net6/23/09

My Father , Robert E. Lee ( originally from Lawrence Mass. ) served on CVL49 in about 1945 ... He served as a radioman and tail gunner on a tour of the mediteranian . He is o.k. but failing health at 82 with moderate alzheimers' ... He still remembers the "Wright" quite well though ... and probably alwys will ..... Ken (son )
Posted By: Kenneth Lee | email: leeandken@aol.com6/16/09

served aboard the Wright in V1 div.from 12/03/50 until 05/10/54. would like to hear from anyone serving aboard at that time.
Posted By: Richard WHITE | email: whttdd717@aol.com6/17/09

Onboard Wright 66-67. RM3 CR rcvr & xmtrs div ..actually tested that SVLF transmitter with morse code(CW)that took up the whole aft end of the ship. Impressive duty and very proud ship..great chow and good crew.
Posted By: Wayne Braley | email: wabraley@aol.com5/1/09

My Dad, Athene Bowling, a short red haired man from Ky., served aboard the Wright during WW2. Does anone remember him or have any stories about him? I know he was engaged to a girl from Australia at one time while there, but I know very little. Thanks!
Posted By: clara worthington | email: kworthington@zoominternet.net4/27/20

you can get replacement shellback certificates with the following link tiffany in norfolk
Posted By: frank hearon | email: frankhearon@aol.com4/20/09

I am sorry to inform my shipmates that we lost another AV 1 sailor. Robert Moore passed away on 04/08/09. His address is 112 Rosewood Dr. Jerseyville, IL 62052. Furneral arrangements are for Saturday 04/11/09. Rest in peace Bob, we will see you at the final muster
Posted By: Jim O,Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com4/9/09

Richard L. Penlon - Palm Bay - Richard L. Penlon of Palm Bay, ended his lifes journey this day, Saturday, March 28, 2009 that started December 9, 1930. He was preceded in death by his wife of 52 years, Joyce; four sons, Wayne E., Jeffry Lee, Darrell J. (Melissa), Todd D.; granddaughter, Hannah; special friend/ caregiver, Marie Frechette of Ocala. He served on the USS Wright CVL 49 for four and a half years as an engineer and was the vice President of the Wright Association in later years for two terms. He learned to play the guitar in the navy and played blue grass music anywhere a jam session was open. Cremation to be in Palm Bay. Internment at the family's convenience in Irondequoit, NY. No viewing or services except at graveside for family and close friends.
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com3/31/09

To All Shipmates On Saturday March 28 Dick Penlon 0ur shipmate,past Vice President, and first Webmaster passed away. Dick Lived at 1972 Mango Street NE Palm, Bay FL. 32905-3333 Tel# 407 676 5866.He is now listed with all his shipmates and we who are left behind can only say It has been an honor to have known him. Rest in Peace
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com3/29/09

Aloha from Hawaii, my home for the last 2 years & 4 months. I served from 1965 to 1969 aboard USS Wright CC 2. Got out and 30 days later had cancer. I'm one of the lucky ones, I survived. Curious, Ed, Joe or my good friend Gabby. If you see this drop me an email. Tks & Alohaaaaaaaaa.
Posted By: Tom Holloman EM 2 | email: crsaniv20y@aol.com3/25/09

I was stationed on the USS Wright from 07/68 till 01/69. Met a lot great guys spent all my time on the mess deck. Was dicharged due to family hardship. I loved my ship and most of all I loved the navy.
Posted By: Glenn G Miller | email: ggm711@aol.com3/22/20

My father, Raymond Holley, served on the San Clemente, then USS Wright from 1944 to 1945 as a ship's radio operator. Please add him to the roster. If any of his shipmates would like to contact him, please drop me a line. He is 83 and doing very well in Cincinnati, OH.
Posted By: Mary Beth Holley | email: mbholley64@yahoo.com3/21/09

I am the son of Gerald Osborn Eastman. My father was on the USS Wright during Pearl Harbor, he has passed away now and I was trying to find out any information about him. He always talked about the hula girls and the south pacific and the date line parties for the new guys and I was just trying to learn more about my father.
Posted By: Darrell Eastman | email: darrell_eastman@hotmail.com3/17/09

Hello My Dad Sam Burrofato served on the USS Wright CVL-49 from 1950-51. I did not notice his name on the complete roster list. He's doing well in Clifton, NJ.
Posted By: Samuel W. Burrofato | email: rjb037@yahoo.com3/4/09

I served on the USS Wright CVL-49 from December of 1954 through December of 1955. I worked as an air controlman in the OI division during that time. I am attempting to contact some of my old shipmates from that time frame.
Posted By: Kenneth Evans | email: sevens@socal.rr.com2/29/20

for those of you on board CC-2 at the time we crossed the equator on April 1 1967 and the color shellback cards listed the lat long wrong. We crossed the equator in the middle of the Sahara desert on a carrier!! The green cards are correct. I understand you can write to St Louis facility and get copies of certificates.
Posted By: Frank Hearon | email: frankhearon@aol.com2/15/09

Just to inform shipmates of Robert Maxner that he passed away Fri Feb 06, 2009. He served on the Wright approx 1953-1956. Ronald Fields USS ODAX SS484
Posted By: Ronald Fields | email: moparmtn@yahoo.com2/10/09

looking for a email address for leo davitt who served on the uss wright around 69-70.
Posted By: brenda ekstrom | email: bekstrom1@comcast.net2/10/09

Posted By: glenn geiger | email: attweco@verizon.net6/2/09

Does anyone on here remember a Harold James Manselle? He would have been called Jimbo, or Jim and served aboard the USS Wright at Midway during 1942. He was also in the Black Cat Squadron.
Posted By: Connie Manselle | email: nvconnie@yahoo.com1/25/20

USS Wright (CC-2) crossed the equator in 1968 enroute to Punta Del Este Uruguay on a presidential support mission. I would have to try and find my shellback certificate to get the date. Kind Regards Curt Boyd CWO-4 USN Retired
Posted By: Curt Boyd | email: curtboyd@bellsouth.net1/8/20

Hi everyone! My father was on the San Clemente when the name changed to the USS Wright. I believe this was somewhere between 1943 - 1945. His name is Glen D. Shafer. He's almost 91 years old and as spry as a 50 year old! He would love to hear from or about anyone who was on board with him! Thanks to all who have served this wonderful country!
Posted By: Dawn Johnson | email: realdizzy@yahoo.com1/6/09

does any remember buzz mcintyre,served with him in 1969.would like to get in touch with him. thanks george
Posted By: george lamp | email: yarnell70@hotmail.com1/5/09

Just wondering if anyone has the date and year that we crossed the equator on the way South to support Pres. Johnson while he attended the Southern Hemisphere Conference? I remember us being mustered topside and waving at then Pres. as he flew by.
Posted By: Terry Newman SFM2 | email: lilvalleyacres@hughes.net12/22/08

Just wanted to wish all the crewmen and their families from the Wright a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
Posted By: Frank Kozlowski | email: kozlowskifrank@yahoo.com12/23/08

My father, David Stovall FTG2, served aboard the USS Wright CC-2 circa 1967-68. Sadly, Dad passed away on November 23, 2008 after a long battle with renal disease. I am interested in hearing from anyone who served with him. Thank you, Amy Stovall (daughter)
Posted By: Amy Stovall | email: amy_stovall@msn.com12/18/08

I am looking for anyone that may have served with Ron Bissonette in WWII 1944. Ron Bissonette works for me at 81 years old and is still in sound mind. Since I am a Navy Veteran myself I would be interested in knowing how I could look up the ships log for that year with his name on it. Thank you Malryn
Posted By: Ronald Bissonette | email: jethro123@comcast.net12/6/08

I was in the website today ,as I heard it was so nice abd we are giving credit to someone for a good Job and my e mail addy is sao old I almoast forgot that was once mine,when Harve nomonayed the preasant officers ,not by the by-laws Iwas a little worried and now that thee is no leadership to speak of I am really wondering what he was thinkin but it is done now and it looks like from where I am as a former officer things are headed downhill fast,I'll probably not see the end of the assn,but I bet I am close Due to my terminal Cabcer my reunion days are gone as are a lot of old friends that answered taps,I hope all the rest have a great twilight of life abd stay well manyone who wants to call me or e mail I'll try to be there for any shipmate ya'll all have a great holiday season and I'll be thinking of all old mates on the Wright,and wish you all well from Florida Dick Penlon X aide to Ed Harvey and V P
Posted By: Richard Penlon | email: cvl49@juno.com12/5/08

I served aboard the USS WRIGHT from sept 1965 until March 1966. Please add my name to the listing of those who served aboard her. thank you
Posted By: Allen Sonier | email: mikesonier@cox.net11/25/08

I would like to wish all my shipmates a very happy Thanksgiving, with all the warm feelings and cherished memories the day can bring. I just got out of the hospital so it take me a day or two to get back into swing. Thanks for your understanding. JJ
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com10/24/08

Wondering if anyone remembers a Don Rickard? He was my dad and served on the USS Wright from 25mar41 o18sep43. I did not see his name on the list of sailors but I recently got a copy of his service record showing his service on the Wright as well as on 3 other ships.
Posted By: Myra Italiano-Rickard | email: myra.italiano@frontiernet.net11/23/20

Posted By: PATRICIA HOCKMAN | email: faithis00@windstream.net1/9/58

My name is Bill Pendergast. I was an Rm2 assigned to Secure Teletype from precom(Feb '63)to discharge in Sep of '66. Would enjoy hearing from any of you guys that I served with.
Posted By: Bill Pendergast | email: wpender@thurston.com11/11/08

It is with heavy heart that I have to inform all my shipmates of the passing of Duke Page. He served on the USS Wright AV 1/ AG 79 from 1940 to 1945 in the 3rdDiv his rating and rank was SSML 1. He went to join his Shipmates on 10/22/08.
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com10/23/08

Those who served aboard CC-2 might be intereted in the article at
Posted By: Karl Priest | email: kcpriest@aol.com10/19/08

Would like to hear from anyone who served with the VS 27 Squadron from 52-53 aboard the USS WRIGHT. I would be very interested in seeing some of the squadron people attend the Wright Reunions...
Posted By: Wilbur Tackaberry | email: chiefaf30@yahoo.com9/24/08

Posted By: GREYTAK ROBERT/PHYLLIS | email: PJGFL999@AOL.COM9/22/08

Just wanted to say 2008 Reunion-Branson was great! God bless everyone involved! Great to see everyone again. This is our new email address. Served aboard USS Wright 62-66 in R-Div.-shipfitter.
Posted By: Norman Schlappi | email: coffeenut48383@yahoo.com9/21/08

Served on CC2 in 1967 while awaiting nuke and sub schools. Made the S. American trip to Uraguay and Brazil. Shellbacked on the way down. Loved that Rio de Janiero liberty. Remember LBJ flying by and Frantic Frank making everyone muster topside and then wave our hats at the prez. The helicopter crew later said that LBJ asked "whose Navy is that?", but in much saltier language. Even at the time I thought it was very unmilitary to wave your hats at the prez. Also remember the crew being mustered topside in Norfolk as the Northhampton (CC-1) went to sea. As she passed by, Frantic Frank gave some Hollywood-sounding speach on the 1MC and thoroughly embarrassed everyone on board. I later found out that a guy I have known for years was on the Wright when I was. Another friend was at the U.S. embassy in Rio when we were there. Small world.
Posted By: Bob Miller | email: dadcheckmail@yahoo.com9/19/08

Frank Strycharski,(my Dad) pasted away on Nov.-2007,he wanted to give the Association a plaqe he had,that was off of the U.S.S.Wright. He felt it might be nice to have at the I loved the Wright. cryed when she came-in & when she went out ! (note:his name is misspelled on the sailor's listing)
Posted By: Gene Strycharski | email: strycharski_gene@hotmail.com8/22/08

Retired AT&T tech seeking anyone who worked the Tropo/UHF gear(Zenith Control)in the 60's when the Wright was CC-2(NEPCA)
Posted By: Chuck Batson | email: ozob99@hotmail.com8/1/08

Ernest Louis Martinak was my daddy. Please contact me if you have stories about him!
Posted By: Connie Martinak | email: cmartinak@yahoo.com7/15/08

Glad to here you are doing ok JJ
Posted By: Jim McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net7/11/08

I would like to here from anybody from te v-3 gas crew 51to54 cvl49.
Posted By: Jim McGlynn | email: carjimmc@sbcglobal.net7/11/00

Paul McCarten, was on av1 1942 and 43, he was freinds with Ralph McDonald from Michigan. If anyone knows of either man please drop a line, I'd like to hook them up. Paul is my dad. Thanks
Posted By: Marie Nelson | email: yameemom@yahoo.com6/13/08

My dad Berl Olswanger was temporarily on the USS Wright from October 11-November 19 (he was stationed on the USS Cony). He was a torpedo officer, but in November, 1943, became the Assistant to the Welfare and Recreation Officer in New Caledonia. He was an accomplished pianist, which is why his duties changed (Admiral Halsey heard him play). Maybe one of you knew my dad and even heard him play the piano while he was on the USS Wright? I'd love to hear about any experiences you'd care to share.
Posted By: Anna Olswanger | email: anna.olswanger@verizon.net6/12/08

hi... my father served aboard the u.s.s. wright sometime during the early 1950's. he and my mother were married in 1957.. so i'm guessing it was sometime during the early part of the 1950's. his name was james jones, sadly he passed away in 1989.. i was hoping someone may have known him and may have a story or two, thank you, david jones (son)
Posted By: david jones | email: dundalkdavid@aol.com6/6/08

Hello: I served on the Wright CC-2 from 1968 to 1970. I was a radioman in CR2 division operating crypto equipment. I was part of the de-commission team in the Portsmouth,Va shipyard. I can still remember the day we were towed from Norfolk to Portsmouth. Was reassigned to my next ship several weeks before it was all over.
Posted By: John Spielmann | email: jassma48@aol.com5/25/08

My Great Uncle Herman Lee Anderson was killed on the USS Wright on May 12, 1953. I am trying to locate anyone with information or pictures of what occured that day. Sincerely Kathy Sawyer
Posted By: Kathy Sawyer | email: aestarieyz@aol.com4/26/08

Hello. Just checking the web sight for any new updates. I noticed in the roster that it doesn't give rank or div. When I first joined the association, I believe it did. I was saddened when I read TAPS and saw shipmate Barminski has passed. I believe he was in the "R" division gang and a pipefitter. Can you confirm? Looking forward to making one of the reunions real soon. Thanks so much and keep up the food work. Terry Newman SFM2
Posted By: Terry Newman | email: tenk@ohiohills.com3/29/08

Hi Jim, hopefully my e-mail address will work this time, maybe you misspelled my name, it's not the easiest to spell, looking forward to hearing from you.
Posted By: Frank Kozlowski | email: kozlowskifrank@yahoo.com3/29/08

Hi Frank Your e-mail address does not go through and the phone numbers are no longer in use.Could you please send me the correct e-mail address or phone number so that we can get you re-enstated.
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com3/3/08

Hi fellow shipmates, just found the web sight, was on CC 2 from 63 to 69 mostly with the MAA's in XI Div. Also I need to re-new my membership, hope to hear from you.
Posted By: Frank Kozlowski | email: kozlowskifrank@yahoo.com3/1/08

Jim Robison the e-mail address you posted does not respond. Please send the correct e-mail address. Jimmy O'Neill
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com2/21/08

Moved to central california, Lost track of Assm. info Have new e-mail (above) Would like to re-instate my membership if possible. Robbie AV1 1943/44
Posted By: Jim (Robbie) Robison | email: jrobi22@comcast.net2/1/08

Excellent job on our reunion booklets, as usual, JJ. Thanks, Art
Posted By: Art Daniels | email: artdan@juno.com1/21/08

By now, you have received your Memory Books. I did my best on the pictures and I hope you enjoyed them.
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com1/18/08

Posted By: michael amato | email: mamato70@optonline.net1/9/08

Served as RM 12/62-11/64. From ofc space in Bremerton with a handful of RM's under MCRM Fix to adios in Norfolk. Just a hello to everyone who knew me. Now in Heaven(Texas).
Posted By: Al Ortiz | email: savoyal@hotmail.com12/23/20

I wish all of my shipmates and their families, A Very Merry Christmas and that the New Year will be everything we want it to be.
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com12/20/07

Posted By: jimmy O'NEILL | email: WIPER_SWEETJIM@YAHOO.COM12/13/07

I?m trying to run down a couple of old shipmates that I served with on the USS Wright during WWII. Their names are: George Maurice Roberts and Leon Wilson Logan. If anyone has any information on these guys please send it my way. Thanks in advance. Oliver P. Getts Jr.
Posted By: Oliver P Getts Jr. | email: R_Ge@msn.com10/5/07

Does anyone have any audio or video of CC-2 around 1968? Thanks.
Posted By: Karl Priest | email: kcpriest@aol.com9/23/07

Francis A Donlon CVL 49, Machinest Mate Third Class passed away on Sept. 15 2007. He was very active in the Organization and Loved the reunions. So keep our Shipmate in your prayers. He will be missed.
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com9/18/07

My Father, Bill Carlos served on the USS Wright AV-1 from 1/15/43 to 11/15/44. He was a torpedoman. He passed on 12/12/91. Trying to find anyone he served with. Thanks Bill Carlos Jr.,
Posted By: William Carlos | email: wcarlosjr@aol.com8/6/07


Does anyone know of any cloth patches that were from CVL-49? I know there were at least two from CC-2; one for the ship itself and a similar one used by the Marine Guard. I had tried finding something from CVL-49 years ago, but could find nothing. Later, I used the basic design from the CC-2 patches and included a prop driven Corsair from CVL, and an image of the Wright Brother?s biplane to represent the older AV-1/AZ-1 and AG-79 for the patch and logo we now have. I still would like to find anything original from either or both of the earlier Wright ships. Thanks.
Posted By: Arthur Daniels | email: k1gti@allvantage.com6/6/07

My father retired from the Navy in approximately 1967 or 1968...the USS Wright was his last ship. He was Chief Petty Officer 1st class James J. Wirth. Anyone know him? He is alive and kicking! As a child I remember watching you guys standing on the deck coming into port and searching all of you for my Dad!!
Posted By: Kathleen Kirkpatrick | email: kkirkpatrick@mhwclaw.com6/5/07

My husband, Clyde, was in Korean waters during the war and saw heavy casualties on board the ship. The navy does not acknowledge that the ship was there. Does anyone remember the skippers real name? They called him Ham? My husband was in the quartermaster division. Only 3 of 38 of them survived. One was called Potenza and Clyde would love to find him. I think he was from Pittsburg.
Posted By: Connie Ballash | email: cballash@yahoo.com5/22/07

It is with heavy heart that I have to report that we lost Shipmate Frank Olesczuk. Frank had a massive heart attack 04/25/07. The reunion in Philadelphia was his first reunion. When we were talking, Frank noticed the ID I had made up with my picture as I was when aboard the Wright, and said I know you. Then He showed me a pic of him and I responded I know you.His refueling location was 20 ft from mine. May He rest in peace.
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com5/21/07

Please correct E-Mail address to
Posted By: lawrence m. Daly | email: captflameo@aol.com5/8/07

I was on board the CC-2 from 1964 to 1968..I worked in OP-CON and the transmitter room. Also, spend some time teletypes.
Posted By: Michael Setliff | email: msetliff@cox.net4/26/07

I severed aboard the Wright as a R-div shipfitter from recom 1963 to nov. of 64.
Posted By: Robert White | email: robwhite568@eartlink.net4/22/07

Am trying to contact Bill Onks QM2 1951-1955. Any info will be helpful and appreicated.
Posted By: Anthony J DiVeronica | email: adiveron@twcny.rr.com4/21/07

Was just wondering if anyone else in the asociation remembers serving with my Father. "Roy B Luebbers" He passed away 5 years ago. He served from Sep 2nd 1939 through 1959. I am interested in learning a bit more about my fathers life while in the service. (He never talked about it)
Posted By: David Luebbers | email: ashsucks@gmail.com4/16/07

I served on the USS Wright 1966-1968 During that time I was a DCFN and DC3. I went on the Punta Esties Uraguay trip. And liberty ed in Rio. I have many fond meries of the the Wright. I stayed in the Navy for 30 years and retired in 1995 at the rank of CWO-4. If there were any other shipmates who remember me please e-mail me.
Posted By: John Meierdierck | email: Chips 56@comcast.net3/2/07

I served on the USS Wright from 1964 to 1967 and was an EM2 when discharged
Posted By: Noel Narveson | email: norsky@westriv.cpm2/17/07

I was one of the original crew members from 62 until 67 I was a RM3 and had that red 65 chevy convertible. Donald Schreiber
Posted By: Donald Schreiber | email: donaldschreiber21@yahoo.com2/13/07

I am trying to trace history of my Grandfather, (Mother's father). I know he was stationed on the USS Wright in 1934,(age 36). His name: John Joseph Kaiser, residing in San Diego at that time. Can anyone give me any information on this ship, or any other info to try to find out more about his life. I don't know which USS Wright it was 1n 1934, or if there are any websites for it. Thanks for any help!
Posted By: Rosemary Anninos | email: rosemaryanninos@msn.com1/31/07

I just found out about the passing of Ed Harvey . I was a shipmate of Harv's on his first submarine.Harv was a great friend and shipmate and will be missed by all who know him
Posted By: Don Cook CSC(SS) USN Ret. | email: dcook311@comcast.net1/7/07

Iam looking for anyone who served with my dad Alvan "Rusty" Kramer On the AG79 USS San Clemente from 1945 -46. Do you have any photos or other info about your experiences. Thank you Michael Kramer 603 672 0366
Posted By: Michael Kramer | email: mikdmd99@comcast.net12/24/06

I submitted a message telling you that our e-mail had been changed, and I don't know whether it was received. Anyway, the above address is our new one.
Posted By: Mirko Bogdanovich | email: bogmirko@marblemn.com11/30/06

Hello, Re my husband Walter P. Howard, Jr. IS NOT DECEASED. He has been ill for several years and is currently residing in a Nursing Home in Melbourne, Florida (Atlantic Shores) Aside from having problems with walking his mental facilities are all there and in searching for info about USS Wright I came across this web site - PLEASE ADVISE EVERYONE THAT HE'S OKAY AND ANY MESSAGES YOU MAY WANT TO SEND PLEASE DO Patricia Howard, Wife 11-14-06
Posted By: Walter P. Howard, Jr | email: thehowardhouse@bellsouthnet.com11/14/06

Hi, This is the first chance I've had to post. My Dad, JJ O'Neill is recovering from a triple bypass after suffering a cardiac arrest in Florida. He will be returning home from the hospital next week. He will catch up on any emails etc. after some rest.
Posted By: Jim O'Neill jr | email: gahighlander@hotmail.com11/5/06

It's with a heavy heart that we learned that Ed Harvey had passed away. It's been said that no man is rereplacable, but no one can take Ed's place. He was a dynamo who did everything. What a wonderful man!How will we get along without him!?!
Posted By: Mirko Bogdanovich | email: bogdanovich@uslink.net10/18/06

I am sad to inform the entire crew of the Wright Association That Ed Harvey passed away last night from a massive heart attack. He loved this organization and all the guys in it. Keep him in your prayers and in your hearts.I do not have any more information,but I'll pass any word along to you. May God keep Ed forever in the palm of his hand. Rest in Peace Shipmate.
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com10/12/06

I am a new guy to the association. I attended my first reunion (Philadelphia, Pa).Every person my wife and I met were very freindly, gracious, and helpful. You all made the reunion a great experience. Thank you. Looking forward to next year.
Posted By: larry roberts | email: lrober4@entergy.com9/29/06

Donald, your email has been corrected.
Posted By: Web Administrator | email: 9/28/06

My email address is wrong in the crew listing. Thanks
Posted By: Donald Johnson | email: donaldejohnson@bellsouth.net9/26/06

This is a sad report, Our Shipmate Al Wiltberger passed away while attending the Philadelphia Reunion.His son tried to talk him out of the trip,but he wanted to be with his shipmates.My deepest sympathy to his family. JJ
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: wiper_sweetjim@yahoo.com9/20/06

I was RM3 from 66 to 67, and would like someone to give me equipment list of comm equipment. transmitters and receivers, tube info, etc. I have searched but can not find anything. Please let met know..telephone is 918 341-8861.
Posted By: Don Myers | email: don.myers1@att.net9/16/06

I am looking for a friend back in the late 60 and early 70's he was on the USS Wright with me Glen Hall his wife's name was Brenda and he had a son John Hall,...would love to hear from him,...Jackie Sullivan
Posted By: Jackie Dale Sullivan | email: WolfManJack12248@aol.com9/12/06

There was a problem with messages being cut off due to an incorrect database setting for the field. This is corrected now. If any other problems are encountered please email
Posted By: Webmaster | email: 9/9/06

I served with NECPA Team 2 from 1966 till late 69 and some of that duty was aboard USS Wright. She was the cleanest ship I served on in my 22 years in the Navy. I am putting together a list of the ships I served on and want to include their flag call sign
Posted By: jim brown | email: nwjb2@gmpexpress.net9/5/06

In checking the Wigwam list, I see that my fathers name is on it. He name is James C. Wilhite. He passed away this last May, not from cancer though. If anyone knew him I would love to hear from you. Thanks
Posted By: sharon day | email: lil_dreamweaver@yahoo.com8/22/06

Frank E. Strycharski,my dad was on the Wright when it was commission in Brem.Then in Vir.for 4-5 Yrs. & retiried out on her.He lives in Silverdale,Wa.(Bremerton)He would love to her from anyone that worked w/h him.As a kid I was always hanging around the
Posted By: Gene Strycharski | email: strycharski-gene@hotmail.com8/21/06

Posted By: Paul McCarten | email: yameemom@yahoo.com7/16/06

It's a small world. I served aboard the heavy cruiser USS Newport News from '59-'62. Most recently, I learned my barber Robert J. McGovern had served aboard the Wright, as a radioman from '52-'56. I also learned that John Drew, who's with the Lions club,
Posted By: John Williams | email: swsouthfield@aol.com6/1/06

Received a letter from the association and looked up some info and guess what I found your name. How have you been? Where are you living I am still in Cleveland (go cavs). I am still working but not much since insurance is easy and does not take up much t
Posted By: Ron Gurin | email: rongurin@yahoo.com5/16/06

I served on the USS WRIGHT with the Marine detachmnent in late 68-mid 69. What a trip; from the Bermuda triangle storm to the beaches of Florida, up the east coast all the way up to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Glad to hear from old marines and saliors that knew
Posted By: Bill Wright | email: willowbend@starband.net5/15/06

I was a RM3 from 4/66 through 4/67. Would like anyone that can remember types of communications equipment we had during this time or where the information may be obtained. I am researching for disibility claim. Thanks for your help.
Posted By: Don Myers | email: don.myers1@att.net5/1/06

Friends of Pierce Mallory This past week Pierce suffered a stroke. Early Sat.A.M. passed away peacefully in his sleep
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: joneill7@cfl.rr.com4/20/06

Just checked out the Wigwam list and did not find my name. I was there, as a matter of fact we had to postpone our wedding which would have been May 1955, but we did get married on July 9, 1955. Just celebrated our 50th last year.
Posted By: David Allen | email: dalen34@verizon.net4/13/06

My grandfather served on board the USS Wright during WW2. His name was Athene Bowling. Anyone that knew him or knows of him please contact me. My email is
Posted By: Kevin Worthington | email: klwort01@morehead-st.edu3/21/06

Unable to tell who the Marines are when checking membership would like to hear from all Marines onboard between oct.66 to oct. 68. also would like to know names and info. on the mens basketball team for the years of 1966 and 1967.
Posted By: Ronnie Taylor | email: taylorrj@glasgow-ky.com2/20/06

Don Bachman AB 2 CVL 49 1948 to 1952, was known to the Gas Crew as "The Mouse" Passed away 01/21/06. He was my friend and my shipmate and he will be missed
Posted By: Jim O'Neill | email: joneill7@cfl.rr.com2/7/06

Does anyone have photos, recordings of ship sounds, or memorabilia from CC-2 during 1968?
Posted By: Karl Priest | email: kcpriest@aol.com1/4/06

Looking for Kermit Midboe. Was a radioman 3 on the Wright in 1950-51 timespan. Lived in one of the Dakotas when i was aboard. Would like any info on him.
Posted By: Bill Eannetta | email: cvb43@rochester.rr.com12/8/05

I was a member of the first dance band on the wright in late 53 thu mid 55 engsin Walsh played sax ,Gene played drums Bob played trumpet two joe,s and a frank played sax and Hank Padget played bass and i played piano. I dont remember the rest of the band
Posted By: anthony DeTore | email: tonydetore@aol.com12/2/05

My Grandfather, Walter Powell, served aboard the USS Wright during World War II. I was lucky enough to hear some first hand stories from him however due to his current medical condition unfortunitely the stories have stopped. Some of the more memorable
Posted By: Walter Powell | email: pa_emt_paramedic@yahoo.com11/11/05

My father, Edgar Kennedy, was a plank owner as a newly commissioned ensign under the LDO program(he was formerly a Chief Electricians Mate) and sailed aboard the Wright from Bremerton through the Panama Canal to her new homeport at Norfolk. I remember go
Posted By: Ed Kennedy | email: eak283@bellsouth.net11/5/05

My father, Yeoman 3rd Class Frank Sturm, served on the USS Wright from July 1932 to Oct. 1934. He passed away in 1992.
Posted By: Glenn Sturm | email: glenns@ctaz.com10/29/05

I have a picture of the USS Wright AV-1 approx. 9" x 24" with the ship taking up whole space, has a tear but is is pretty good shape. Does anyone want it?
Posted By: P Mitsch | email: p.mitsch@comcast.net10/7/05

looking for the "meanest man in the world">sgt.john simonelli< from "man mountain michler"(2nd meanest)...mar.det. 64-66
Posted By: tom michler | email: tjmichler@webtv.net9/30/05

Looking for Bill Chorney,Jack Dygert,or Jay Nevelneil all Storekeepers (all years 69-70)
Posted By: Duane Chamberlain | email: dualin10@aol.com8/29/05

Posted By: BILL BLINN | email: wjb15.1@netzero.net8/7/05

Leo Davitt (served on USS Wright CC2 in 1969-1970) are you out there?
Posted By: william weir | email: bnc4evr@sbcglobal.net7/24/05

Please note my new email address. The ETs had it made because out shop was Radio 2 and was airconditioned and just below the chow hall. The cooks knew to bring goodies if they needed to cool off!
Posted By: Robert Garrett | email: brokeisbob@peoplepc.com7/13/05

New address and Email address 327 Cheyenne Drive Frederick Maryland 21701 301-668-6108
Posted By: Tim Kent | email: timkent@adelphia.net7/7/05

My father AB1 George P Rutland served aboard CVL-49 from 1950-1953. This is a great web site lots of information. Does anyone, other than my uncle James O'Neill, remember him?
Posted By: Mike Rutland | email: mrutland@wwdb.org6/23/05

Richard Lyons Wright 1968-70 echolink node 99262 url: url: ARMAD 2005 held on May 28, 2005 was a great success. Amateur's from vario
Posted By: Richard Lyons | email: wd9dnm@wi.rr.com6/4/05

Please update my e-mail address. Thanks
Posted By: Paul Higgs | email: pdhiggs@insightbb.com3/4/05

My father, James E Cartwright, was a "plank owner". He was a ships electrician and I do not know his official rate/rank at the time. He passed away in 1988. Does anybody remember him. Thanks.
Posted By: Ed Cartwright | email: encartwright@greenvillenc.com2/18/05

Hi don't know where all that stuff in the last post came from all I need is to chance my email to thanks
Posted By: Leo Murphy | email: murphyl1@verizon1/29/05

Please change my email address on the roster thanks.
Posted By: Leo Murphy | email: murphyl1@verizon.net1/29/05

Please note my e-mail address. Also, in my member's data entry the ship should be CC-2, not CVL-49; I served in USS WRIGHT 1969-1970 and was a member of her decommissioning crew. Thanks for all your great work. JLB
Posted By: Joel Bromberg | email: jbromberg@inta.org11/30/04

Gary, Thanks for the Navsource link, we have added it to our site.
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: 11/26/04

Hi Gary Priolo Your new e-mail address has been entered. Thatnk you for your input and I am sorry for the delay
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: 11/23/04

Here is my e mail address
Posted By: John schelling | email: jak368pd@optonline.net11/12/04

Please change my email address on the roster and I suggest that you provide a link to the Navsource web site for photos of Wright. I maintain several sections of the web site and act as Webmaster. The site is located at
Posted By: Gary Priolo | email: gpriolo@verizon.net11/10/04

Great web site. Having been aboard both the Saipan and the Wright (sister ships) in VS-27, I'm honored to be a memebr of the group. Good fellowship, great reunions and new friends.
Posted By: Don McGowan | email: donmcgowan@aol.com11/8/04

Thanks for the site, JJ. It will be so nice to keep up with the Association and shipmates.
Posted By: Edward Tkach | email: etkachsr@triad.rr.com11/7/04

Read the members page. I have a new e-mail address.Bob
Posted By: robert eberstein | email: ebersteinr@wmconnect.com11/6/04

Hey George I used the LSO'S net. Great place to grab a few zzz. It was like a very large padded hammock. JJ
Posted By: JJ O'Neill | email: joneill7@vtlink.net5/27/04

Jimmie and JJ . This is outstanding Harve
Posted By: Edwin Harve | email: edgin@caironet.com4/26/04

Welcome to the USS Wright mesage board. Here is the place to share your memories, make announcements, and keep in touch with your shipmates!
Posted By: Jimmy O'Neill | email: gahighlander@hotmail.com4/26/04

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